Feedback from Philippine client GTIS Group

Feedback from Philippine client GTIS Group


Quote from GTIS:


GTIS Group is happy to testify and share the undeniable quality of the equipment purchased from Qingdao Haitongyuanda Special Instrument Co., Ltd., without forgetting the world-class support from Lily Wang in defining the needs and guaranteeing a top-notch Procurement process.
The best way to deliver Performance to our Clients is also for our suppliers to embrace our motto: "We do not Sell Services, We Deliver Performance"
in this New World, it is essential to value our partners, and GTIS Group is proudly giving its 2021 "Best Supplier" Award to Qingdao Haitongyuanda Special Instrument.

The whole team is glad to give our trust to Haitongda!
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Feel free to contact Lily Wang for your needs, a truly customer-caring person who is undoubtedly associated to the satisfaction expressed through this award!



We are very happy to win the best supplier award of GTIS Group in 2021, we will continue to provide our high-quality products and thoughtful service, so that you do not have any worries after buying our products, customizable products will also provide you with a better choice, thank you again for your trust and support!