Qingdao Haitongda Special Instrument Co., Ltd./Qingdao Haitongyuanda Special Instrument Co., Ltd.,  a manufacturing enterprise with more than 40 year history in R&D and manufacturing of special petroleum instruments, we has won the trust of the market and high praise from users for its product quality, honesty of operators and high-tech strength of the enterprise.  

Our company was founded in 1978, and its predecessor was Qingdao Camera General Factory. We found the blank of domestic drilling fluid analyzer at that time and the technical blockade and market barriers of western countries, we have a  heavy responsibility, bearing in mind the entrustment of the former leaders of the Drilling Bureau of the Ministry of Petroleum and shouldering the historical mission of localization of drilling fluid instruments. Since 1980 we successively developed and produced a variety of new product, such as funnel viscometer, marsh funnel viscometer, low pressure filter press and electric six-speed rotary viscometer.  

By 1986, we have produced a total of 15,000 sets of various drilling fluid analyzer, and the products marking units across the country, thus fully realizing the localization of on-site drilling fluid analyzer. Since 1990s, enterprises have entered a period of stable development. In the new period, we are developing towards science and technology and scale, focus on product research and development, continuously develop new products, adopt new technologies, take the pragmatic spirit of "brand, quality, cooperation and win-win" to strengthen international and domestic cooperation actively and steadily, strive to achieve sustainable, stable and healthy development of enterprises.