Operating Procedure for Drilling Fluid Performance Test

Operating Procedure for Drilling Fluid Performance Test


Operating Procedure for Drilling Fluid Performance Test

Determination Of The Ite Content

1. Principle

Methylene Blue Test Kit BH4260 uses the principle of quantitative adsorption of methylene blue.

2. Medicinal

Methylene blue solutionpotency3.74 g / l (consumption of 1 ml =0.01 mg equivalent)
Dioxygen aqueous solutionpotency3% (mass fraction)
Sulphate solutionpotency2.5 mol / L

3.  Operating Steps 

1. Remove drilling fluid and bubble.

2. Add 2.0 ml of mud from a two-ml syringe to a conical bottle with 10 ml of water

3. Add 15 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide, add 2.5 mol/L of sulfuric acid to 5~10 drops (about 0.5 ml), heat and boil (slightly boiling) on an electric furnace for 10 minutes to remove the hydrogen peroxide flavor. Be careful not to dry and dip (hydrogen peroxide is not necessary when there is no adsorbed organic matter in the new slurry or mud).

4. Under constantly stirring with 3.74 g / l of methylene blue titration, each titration 0.5 ml methylene blue solution fully stir after 30s, with a glass stick with a drop of liquid on the filter paper permeability of the color change, to sky blue circle, continue to stir 2min after touch a drop on the filter paper, if the blue circle does not disappear, is the titration end, if the blue circle disappeared, continue to add 0.5 ml methyl blue solution, repeat the test until the titration end.

5. Write down the consumption V1 of methylene blue solution, take the mud amount as V2, and calculate the following equation:

Mud equivalent soil content =14.3 V1 / V2 (g / L)

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