Changqing Oilfield Oil and Gas Exploration in the First Quarter of the "Double Promotion"

Changqing Oilfield Oil and Gas Exploration in the First Quarter of the "Double Promotion"


Changqing Oilfield Oil and Gas Exploration in the First Quarter of the "Double Promotion"

The oil and gas exploration in Changqing oilfield achieved the production speed and the "double improvement", won the "good start": from 1 to March completed drilling footage 171900 meters, 5 key projects to break the dilemma, the overall speed of 30% compared with last year, the fastest speed in the past years; high yield oil and gas flow Wells in a short time, the best results in the past years, with practical actions to speed up the construction of the world-class large oil and gas field "refueling".

The new journey implements the new concept, and Changqing Oilfield can accurately grasp the new development requirements with the sense of responsibility. Changqing oilfield with "online and offline", workshops, such as a variety of forms, continue to thoroughly study and implement the party's 20 spirit, clear the next period to vigorously implement a new round of prospecting breakthrough strategy, adhere to promote oil and gas exploration from balanced to efficient exploration, conventional to not simultaneously, from heavy geological reserves to economic recoverable reserves, from the traditional exploration to scientific and technological innovation drive "four shift", "play" risk, scale concentration, benefit of fine " three big exploration campaign, to speed up the transformation of resources to reserves, reserves to production, resolutely carry end on energy political responsibility of the bowl.

The new journey shoulders a new mission. Changqing Oilfield leads the exploration and discovery with the innovative management of the restless sense of crisis. Changqing Oilfield, Centering on the key target of increasing storage and production, Establish a company-level leading group, Innovate and build the linkage management mode of "eight colleges in key fields" and "seven projects support", Further promote the "five integration", Integrate the advantages of oil fields, scientific research institutes and engineering service enterprises into the competitive advantages of Changqing exploration; Firmly establish the concept of "high-quality development of oil fields is first high-quality resource discovery", Systematically develop the target classification and classification evaluation of basin oil and gas traps, Comprehensive analysis of the oil and gas reserves potential of the basin, The zoning and stratification system scientifically established the "14th Five-year" oil and gas benign replacement reserve target pool; Promote the deep integration of science and technology, design and production, Carry out three major projects, 16 subject research projects and five major process and technology research projects, And the implementation of the laboratory entry into the site engineering, The first time to achieve the key index data analysis, laboratory testing and quality detection, We will accelerate the implementation of scientific and technological innovation achievements, Boosting for exploration and discovery breakthroughs. Under a series of innovative measures, the first quarter of Changqing exploration success rate, high yield ratio and other indicators compared with the significant rise of the same period in the previous year.

The new journey reflects the new responsibility, Changqing Oilfield with the sense of urgency to speed up the exploration process. In order to start the "first stick", Changqing Oilfield formulated a detailed list of exploration deployment, scientific research and production operation, and promoted the wall chart operation table; on January 29, five exploration project teams went to the site to accelerate key projects and resource transformation. In the first quarter, the production entered the fast lane ahead of schedule, and 55 drilling teams, 93 testing teams were fully started, and 34 drilling Wells were completed. Among them, it took only one month to realize three key exploration Wells from deployment to drilling, and two horizontal Wells successfully completed 27-stage fracturing transformation and multi-stage drainage tests in 10 days respectively, with good results. Changqing oilfield with the spirit of two key new layers of hard bones.

The new journey shows a new look. Changqing Oilfield strengthens the party construction and guarantees the exploration with the dream sense of The Times.the beginning of the year.