CNPC Set Up a New Research and Development Institution!

CNPC Set Up a New Research and Development Institution!


CNPC Set Up a New Research and Development Institution!

On September 21, the Logging Technology Research and Development Laboratory of China National Petroleum Corporation, led by petrochina Great Wall Drilling and Logging Company, was officially inaugurated as an important part of the group's key logging laboratory.

Su Yinao, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Fu Jilin, senior expert on Overseas Business of CPC International Group, Tang Tianzhi, Director of Academic Committee of Key Logging Laboratory of CPC Group, Hu Yingjie, Chief geologist of Liaohe Oilfield Company, Zhou Jun, Chief expert on Logging of CPC, Zhang Songjie, Assistant General Manager of CPC Technical Service, Wang Baofeng, Deputy Chief Engineer of Liaohe Oil Field, Wu Debin, senior director of the science and Technology Management Department of the Group company, Xing Li, senior director of the Oil and gas and new energy branch, Luo Kai, deputy general manager of the Great Wall Drilling Company, chief expert Yi Faxin and other leaders and experts and all the members of the company's leadership team attended the unveiling ceremony.

The meeting was chaired by Yi Faxin, chief expert of the Great Wall drilling Company.

Luo Kai, deputy general manager of the Great Wall Drilling Company, pointed out in his welcome speech that the establishment of the laboratory provides a platform for promoting in-depth exchange of logging and logging, and also creates conditions for promoting the integrated development of logging and logging. Great Wall Drilling Company will take the establishment of logging technology research and development laboratory as an opportunity to carry out in-depth cooperation with CNPC logging, inspire each other in new understanding and theory of oil and gas interpretation and evaluation, support each other in research and development and promotion of new technology, share with each other in basic conditions such as experimental equipment and facilities, and jointly carry out research on new methods, new technologies and new processes of reservoir identification and oil and gas reservoir evaluation. Work together to address the new challenges posed by unconventional oil and gas exploration and development to logging technology.

At the unveiling ceremony, Su Yinao, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that the establishment of the laboratory benefited from the strong support of the group company, and the logging profession should continue to play a unique advantage of closely following the drill bit to collect first-hand information about the wellbore, learn from the multidimensional parameter measurement and evaluation methods of logging formations, and support each other in the research and development of original technologies and the use and promotion of the research. In large experimental facilities, equipment and other basic conditions of exchange. It is necessary to make full use of the agglomeration effect of technology and talents of the two units of logging and logging, carry out high-level cooperative research for the forefront of science and technology, accelerate the construction of R & D innovation platform, and better support and lead the high-quality development of logging business.

In terms of the future development direction of the laboratory, Academician Su put forward specific requirements, one is to find the functional positioning and clarify the development direction and tasks. It is necessary to speed up the deployment of a number of targeted scientific research projects guided by the next development direction and technical problems faced by the logging technology research and development center. Second, we need to form a pattern of coordinated development with distinctive features and complementary strengths. Well logging and logging should fully learn each other's advanced experience in basic theoretical research, instrument research and manufacturing, interpretation and evaluation methods, and maximize the absorption and utilization of advanced technology in other industries to achieve leapfrog development of technology. Third, we need to stimulate the driving force for innovation and create an efficient innovation ecosystem. We will make scientific plans in the layout and orientation of scientific research and development, make bold innovations in mechanisms such as talent incentives and the transformation of results, continue to improve the cultivation of innovative talents and the environment for innovation, and constantly improve the supply capacity and quality of science and technology.

Wu Debin, senior director of science and technology management Department of the Group company, read the approval document of logging technology research and development laboratory to join the key logging laboratory.

Tian Weizhi, deputy director of the laboratory, reported on the construction plan of the logging technology research and development laboratory.

Zhou Jun, chief expert of logging at CPC, said in his speech that the two professional disciplines of logging and logging belong to the same, with the same goals, and are committed to providing better services for oil and gas fields, solving the problems concerned by Party A, and improving the oil and gas discovery rate, high-quality reservoir drilling rate and oil and gas recovery efficiency, which are indispensable important businesses in the field of petroleum engineering technology. At the same time, they have their own characteristics in hydrocarbon discovery and reservoir comprehensive evaluation, which complement each other. Therefore, the establishment of the logging technology research and development laboratory can enable logging to carry out more in-depth exchanges and cooperation, establish a closer communication mechanism, realize the full sharing of information, resources and results, and maximize the advantages of logging integration technology.

Su Yinao, Fu Jilin, Tang Tianzhi, Hu Yingjie, Luo Kai, Zhou Jun, Yi Faxin, Zhang Songjie, Wang Baofeng, Wu Debin, Xing Li, Chen Zhiwei and other leaders at the meeting jointly unveiled the laboratory.

Great Wall drilling senior technical experts, first-class engineers, the company's deputy chief division, the head of the relevant departments attended the unveiling ceremony.