Welcome Customers to Come to China for Training and Learning

Welcome Customers to Come to China for Training and Learning


With the rapid development of the company and continuous innovation in product research and development, Haitongda's overseas market continues to expand, and with its high-quality products and services, it has gained recognition from overseas customers.

Recently, Russian agents made a special trip to Haitongda for training and learning. Haitongda warmly welcomed friends from afar and arranged detailed reception work.

Russian agents have been cooperating since the beginning, witnessing the gradual growth of Haitongda. At the same time, they have also expanded from a small group of 2-3 people to a professional sales team, and even established a new company.

The technical team focuses on customer needs and considers their usage needs and issues. Based on this, specific training content and format have been developed. The training content is easy to understand, vivid and interesting, such as using demonstrations and interactive methods, which increases customer engagement and training timeliness, making it easy for customers to understand and master.

During the training, we conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on the future cooperation models between both parties. We have carefully listened to the valuable suggestions provided by the agent based on the local market situation, and combined them with our own actual situation, we have proposed a series of targeted solutions to help the agent overcome the difficulties in market promotion.

We believe that with the joint efforts of both parties, we will further enhance the brand's local awareness and market share.

Haitongda's ability to control the entire production process has been highly praised by agents, and the company's research and development capabilities, production capabilities, management capabilities, and other aspects have been fully recognized.

The visit and training of Russian agents not only strengthened the cooperation and exchange between our company and overseas agents, but also laid a solid foundation for our products to internationalize.

In the future, we will ensure that every user can enjoy high-quality drilling fluid cement laboratory testing products as our mission, always adhering to high-quality products and providing products and solutions for global users.