The First Photovoltaic Demonstration Project in Southwest Oil and Gas Field was Put Into Operation

The First Photovoltaic Demonstration Project in Southwest Oil and Gas Field was Put Into Operation


The First Photovoltaic Demonstration Project in Southwest Oil and Gas Field was Put Into Operation

On January 17, the last batch of points of the first photovoltaic demonstration project in the Southwest oil and gas field completed site acceptance, marking the official operation of the project, with an average daily power generation of more than 6,000 KWH, which can achieve an annual emission reduction of more than 2,000 tons of carbon dioxide, save more than 780 tons of standard coal, and achieve full self-use and clean replacement of clean electricity generated.

Southwest Oil and Gas Field adhere to the "clean alternative, strategic replacement, green transformation" three-step overall deployment, efficient layout of new energy business, focus on the promotion of new energy projects, in 2022 to start distributed photovoltaic demonstration project. In view of the problems such as the short effective period of this project and the wide range of points, the company innovated the organizational model, created the "model road" project, promoted the efficient construction of production, and efficiently promoted the project construction.

Innovate the "1+N" organizational model to quickly promote project implementation. Southwest Oil and gas field to implement the "new energy division + a number of units" organization model, jointly develop the overall project schedule, to ensure that the overall goal of the project completed on schedule as the principle, take the initiative to avoid winter rainy season, low temperature and other extreme weather, orderly organization, careful planning, dynamic adjustment, 4 sites at the same time construction, the fastest completed site construction period is only 30 days.

The Southwest oil and gas field strengthens the standardization implementation of the project and strives to create a "model road" project. Through scientific deployment and reasonable arrangement, to overcome the short effective project period, more objective limited factors, engineering construction and production unit operation interface cross-crossing and other problems, to establish a "model approach" quality control method, in the photovoltaic bracket inclined beam and purlin site production installation hole, bracket installation process to create a model, so that the construction is more standardized, The 5101 components are installed in an orderly manner.

Southwest Oil and Gas Field promotes efficient production, takes "safety and efficiency" as the goal, and controls the construction safety and quality of the project through "video surveillance, territorial control, regular inspection" and other methods to promote the safe, stable and efficient operation of the project.

This project is mainly to use the roof, idle open space and carport and other areas to install photovoltaic power generation equipment, the total installed capacity of 0.27 million kilowatts, in April 2023 to achieve part of the implementation of point-connected grid power generation. In the next step, Southwest Oil and Gas Field will continue to accelerate the landing of new energy projects, optimize the industrial layout, fully promote the coordinated development and integrated development of new energy and oil and gas business, and contribute oil force to the realization of the "double carbon" goal of the country.