Jilin Oilfield Technology "Source Innovation" to Stabilize Production and Improve Efficiency

Jilin Oilfield Technology "Source Innovation" to Stabilize Production and Improve Efficiency


Jilin Oilfield Technology "Source Innovation" to Stabilize Production and Improve Efficiency

On February 29, the reporter learned that Jilin Oilfield has adhered to the "Group fracturing technology + integrated research" model for five years, helping to increase the economic efficiency of old well fracturing to 70.6%. Jilin Oilfield has made great efforts in technology "source innovation", promoted the integration of original innovation, integrated innovation and open cooperation innovation, and achieved good application results.

Songnan oil and gas fracturing technology to increase production, reduce cost and increase efficiency has achieved remarkable results. In 2023, Jilin Oilfield will tackle key exploration and evaluation of fracturing technology system, carry out research on different rock facies mechanical characteristics of shale oil, and form fine volume fracturing technology with cluster as the object; For tight gas, with the goal of "increasing volume, reducing damage and controlling investment", fracturing costs are effectively controlled through the technology of "dessert difference transformation + low-cost materials". After fracturing, production is increased by 50% and gas recovery engineering costs are reduced by 32%. In the process of technology application, Jilin oilfield also combined with the characteristics of the reservoir, and constantly improve the fracturing technology countermeasures to achieve better development results. By improving the intensive overall fracturing production model and finalizing the two core fracturing technologies, the production of new Wells is increased by 20% compared with the design, and the investment in oil production of 1 million tons of production capacity is reduced by 13.3% compared with the previous stage.

The fracturing and production technology of shale gas in southern Sichuan is basically matched. According to the characteristics of shale gas in southern Sichuan, Jilin Oilfield has initially formed a technical model of autonomous deep shale gas backlogging and fracturing. Among them, the independent optimization of "close cutting + compound temporary plugging + sand control fluid extraction" fracturing technology practice makes the key technical indicators better; Innovative integrated prevention and control of casing changes, formation of casing change early warning and emergency disposal program, effectively reduce the fracturing stage loss rate. In order to improve the full cycle drainage and gas production effect of new Wells in the south Sichuan mining area, Jilin Oilfield has established a new technical route, and effectively controlled the damage of sand production through reasonable dynamic adjustment of the return period, so as to realize reasonable production allocation during the stable production period.

Intelligent injection and production technology has achieved leapfrog progress. First of all, intelligent lifting technology enables complete technical process control. Jilin Oilfield has independently developed intelligent lift control technology and intelligent management and control network platform to realize dynamic monitoring of oil well production data, real-time adjustment of work system, and remote control of analysis and management. In 2023, after applying a series of intelligent lifting technologies to 10 Wells in the Xinli No. 1 platform demonstration zone, the average pump efficiency is increased by 20% and the power saving is more than 45%. Secondly, intelligent water injection technology is combined with new energy production. Based on the characteristics of new energy supply, Jilin oilfield implements the short-cycle intermittent water injection mode, which includes long green power production and more water injection, and short green power production and less water injection. In 2023, Jilin Oilfield selected 2 Wells in Xinli oil production plant to carry out intermittent water injection test with different injection rates for 5 months. The results show that the near-well formation is not damaged and the water drive effect is not affected after intermittent water injection. After this achievement is integrated with new energy technology, the daily electricity cost is reduced by more than 60%.

At the same time, the regulation technology of old oil fields is advancing to reduce natural decline and enhance recovery. The full coverage measure of "one well and one policy" of Songnan natural gas has played a positive role, and the integrated corrosion protection of injection, collection and transportation has achieved phased results. In the next step, Jilin Oilfield will further build engineering and technology tools to help better stabilize production and improve efficiency.