West-to-East Gas Pipeline Guarantee Stable Supply of Commodity Gas in Pipeline Transportation

West-to-East Gas Pipeline Guarantee Stable Supply of Commodity Gas in Pipeline Transportation


On August 7th, Zhuzhou off-take station of Zhangxiang tie line of West-East Gas Pipeline Second Line began to off-take to Jincheng Gas Company. On August 8th, yueyang railway station started to put into production and supply gas to Yueyang gas users with real and positive profits, with the first day's gas supply volume of 5000 cubic meters. So far, the West-East Gas Pipeline Company has supplied 43.01 billion cubic meters of gas to 477 distribution users this year.


Among the 477 downstream users of West-East Gas Pipeline, there are 48 in Henan Province, 42 in Anhui Province, 163 in Jiangsu Province, 3 in Zhejiang Province, 4 in Shanghai, 2 in Shanxi Province, 43 in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, 55 in Hubei Province, 23 in Hunan Province, 30 in Jiangxi Province, 36 in Guangdong Province, 1 in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, 10 in Shaanxi Province, 2 in Gansu Province and 6 in Fujian Province There are 6 LNG6 companies and the other 3 domestic customers.


From January to July this year, the West-East Gas Transmission Company resolutely implemented the decision-making and deployment of the Party Group of the Group Company, took the initiative to face difficulties, launched a comprehensive battle against epidemic prevention and control, improved quality and increased efficiency, and achieved 43.01 billion cubic meters of goods transported through the pipeline. Under extremely difficult circumstances, all indicators were basically the same as those of the same period last year, keeping the two bottom lines of "zero accidents" in production safety and "zero epidemic situation" in the workplace.


During the epidemic in the first half of the year, most areas in Hubei Province closed villages, closed roads and restricted traffic, and pipeline protection faced unprecedented challenges. Wuhan Management Office of West-to-East Gas Transmission Co., Ltd. coordinated the passage of vehicles at the first time, formulated a "one person, one policy" inspection plan, and mobilized the masses to take care of them nearby, so that the inspection standards and frequency would not decrease. Set up an emergency reserve team, fully guarantee the reliable operation of equipment and facilities, and successfully complete nearly 80% of natural gas supply tasks in Hubei Province in special period.


Facing the severe situation of explosive construction along the pipeline after the epidemic, the West-East Gas Pipeline strictly implements the standardized management of the construction site, and the construction site is not withdrawn and the supervision is not left, thus achieving two "100%" in the information collection rate and safety control rate of 4650 construction sites, and the number of optical cable damages is hard reduced. At the same time, focus on key equipment, key systems and key functions, deepen the activities of "equipment re-understanding, process re-learning", and promote preventive maintenance as a whole. From January to July, the compressor unit runs for up to 176,000 hours, with an average trouble-free running time of up to 7,700 hours, an increase of 54% year-on-year and a record high.


After entering the flood control stage, the West-East Gas Pipeline will strictly guard against major floods and risks. Central China, South China and Jiangnan entered the flood season early, with many rainstorms. The water level of major rivers exceeded the alert and threatened greatly, and the flood control pressure along the pipeline was huge. The company strengthened the identification of water damage disasters, encrypted the patrol inspection of key parts, strengthened the sharing of rain, flood and disaster between enterprises and places, jointly controlled by joint defense and guarded by sections, initiated emergency response 10 times in total, and eliminated more than 400 dangerous situations such as water inflow in valve chamber, bank slope collapse and pipeline exposure, so as to ensure the safety of pipelines with zero damage during flood season.


At the same time, the company optimized and adjusted the investment plan, carried out clearance, repaired the old and used the limited resources; Actively implement favorable policies, such as electricity tariff concessions, social security relief, and job security subsidies, to effectively reduce costs and expenses. Actively expand revenue-generating services such as transportation business, external verification, emergency protection, and optical fiber utilization; Successfully completed the commissioning of Shenzhen LNG export pipeline, and expanded the gas transmission channel from south to north. Accelerate the Fuzhou tie line and Changsha Unicom project, and increase the annual gas transmission capacity by 30 billion cubic meters, which has effectively improved the supply capacity of the south gas to the north in winter; It achieved the first successful application of automatic welding technology in repairing B-type sleeve of large diameter and high steel grade natural gas pipeline, and filled the domestic blank. (Source: China Petroleum Network)