PetroChina has set a new record for large-diameter long-distance directional drilling crossing in China


August 24, 2020 13:46 Source: Economic Daily-China Economic Net


Economic Daily-China Economic Net, Beijing, August 24, the reporter learned from China National Petroleum Corporation that at 11: 56 on August 14, accompanied by the roar of drilling rigs, the director of the directional drilling project of the Sino-Russian East Line (Changling-Yongqing), which was constructed by the Fourth Company of China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau, successfully crossed and dragged back, creating the longest crossing distance of large diameter in China (1633.6 meters)


New Raoyang River directional drilling crossing is the longest directional drilling crossing project with a diameter of 1219 mm in China. Because the whole geological process of construction is mainly fine sand layer, the pore-forming property is poor, and the risk of hole collapse is easy to form. In addition, the crossing pipe diameter is large and the crossing distance is long, which makes the construction extremely difficult.


New Raoyang River is in charge of directional drilling crossing construction, and drilling starts on May 5th. The guarantee measures of the four companies of the Pipeline Bureau are strictly in place, and the key processes are carefully controlled, and the risks are resolved in time to ensure the steady progress of the project.


The completion of the crossing of the new Raoyang River directional drilling supervisor laid a foundation for the timely commissioning of the middle section of the Sino-Russian East Line project, and accumulated valuable construction experience for the large diameter and long distance crossing of directional drilling.