How much do you know about CNOOC's intelligent "artifact"?

How much do you know about CNOOC's intelligent "artifact"?


CNOOC's exploration and production on April 8, 2020 at PM 12: 49, oil and gas information

Intelligent technology 

Has become the right-hand man of production personnel

It is also a weapon to deal with the challenge of low oil prices

Electronic patrol inspection 

Intelligent detection

Online monitoring


With them,

Hidden dangers are invisible, and safety is under control

Small instruments eliminate big hidden dangers

Huizhou 21-1 Oilfield Platform of CNOOC (China) Limited Shenzhen Branch is an oil and gas platform with 30 years of production history. Accurate investigation of potential accidents, effective risk avoidance and timely resolution of various "geriatric diseases" in equipment and facilities are the top priority of QHSE work in Huizhou Oilfield, Shenzhen.


Once, when Ma Xing, a production operator on patrol, passed through the natural gas contact tower area, the instrument in his hand warned that the methane concentration value was abnormal. He immediately stopped, adjusted the instrument to scan the surrounding area, and finally accurately locked the fault range at the pressure gauge joint.


This palm-sized black cuboid instrument, called laser methane gas detector, will give an alarm once the gas level in the detected area exceeds the safe range.


In the past, when inspectors used traditional gas detectors, they had to detect anomalies at close range. However, the new detectors can easily detect methane combustible gas content from narrow and confined spaces in the vicinity of about 30 meters, which improves the safety factor of on-site inspection.


Intelligent "artifacts" like this

There are many more

Real-time early warning of collected data

In Lisha Oil Depot of Dongguan Storage and Transportation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dongguan Storage and Transportation Co., Ltd.) sold by CNOOC, SCADA (Data Acquisition, Monitoring and Control) system in the central control room can accurately monitor oil flow, pressure, temperature and other parameters, reflect on-site production status in real time and intuitively, provide data early warning, and complete technological processes such as valve opening through remote switches.


In recent years, the safety management and control technology of oil depot storage and transportation has been in a dynamic update, which not only improves the on-site production efficiency, resolves the risk of manual operation, but also improves the safety management and control ability of oil depot.


All-round guarantee of intelligent management platform


Since 2019, Weizhou 12-1 Oilfield of Zhanjiang Branch of CNOOC (China) Co., Ltd. has accelerated the construction of industrial WIFI network on the production site, and based on this, it has gradually formed an information-based intelligent management platform including spot check system, intelligent cylinder management system and intelligent helmet management system.


In the spot check system, the spot check server is used as the data storage terminal, and the basic data of the production equipment is input to generate the inspection route and inspection contents regularly. At present, this system has become an effective assistant for oilfield technology departments to control the running status of equipment and discover hidden dangers of equipment in time.


"In the next step, we will focus on promoting the online mobile management and control system of HSE (Health, Safety and Environmental Protection) system, and at the same time implement the development and testing of the face recognition technology management system to track the relevant information of all staff on the platform, including the automatic statisticians. Going out to sea time, etc." Cao Mingyong, director of Weizhou 12-1 Oilfield, introduced.

On-line monitoring and health care

"This project integrates online monitoring, data analysis, fault diagnosis and intelligent decision-making, which helps to find potential safety hazards as early as possible and deal with them in time." Li Mu, deputy director of the mooring laboratory of the Innovation Research Department of the Oil Production Company of CNOOC Energy Development Co., Ltd., is organizing and promoting the scientific research work of the project "Research on Single Point Online Monitoring and Integrity Assessment Technology".


Nowadays, although the information intelligence of large offshore oil equipment has been relatively high, and about 90% of the key data on the production site can be read directly from the central control, there are still some links that need to be optimized urgently. Among them, the operation of the pharmaceutical system of FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Unloading Unit) still needs manual calibration and manual injection adjustment.


This intelligent system can not only ensure the accurate filling of drugs, but also shorten the contact time between field workers and drugs by 20%, so as to better protect the occupational health of employees.

These "artifacts" are not only in the production process


Ensure that health and safety of personnel and equipment


But also improves the working efficiency


To further improve quality and efficiency,


Contribute to the value of "intelligence"