Operating procedure for drilling fluid performance test

Operating procedure for drilling fluid performance test


Operating Procedure For Drilling Fluid Performance Test

Determination Of Viscosity Of Drilling Fluid

Marsh Funnel Viscometer is adapted for measuring the relative viscosity of the drilling fluid (compared to water). Because the measured data are largely affected by the colloid and density, the measured data cannot be compared with the measured data of relevant instruments such as the rotary viscometer. The instrument consists of a funnel, screen and receiver, which is the time taken when the measured drilling fluid flows out of 946 ml at a certain temperature.

 1. Main Technical Parameters

Funnel volume below the sieve bottom1500cm 
The funnel cone diameter152mm
The height of the funnel cone305mm
Length of pipe mouth


Tube mouth inner diameter


screen mesh12 Eyes



2. Correction Of The Instrument

    At the temperature (21℃± 3℃), inject 1500 mL water, the time of 946 mL water from the funnel is 26±0.5s, and the error shall not exceed 0.5s.


3. Determine

1. Measure the temperature of the drilling fluid, as indicated by the ℃.

2. Hold the funnel in your hand, block the flow outlet with your fingers, and inject the new drilling fluid into the clean, dry and upright funnel through the screen until the drilling fluid level is flush with the bottom of the screen.

3. Keep the funnel vertical, and press the stopwatch while removing the finger to measure the time required for the drilling fluid to fill with 946 mL.

4. The Mahalobis funnel viscosity was recorded in s and the temperature of the drilling fluid was recorded in ℃.

4. Precautions For Operation

1. The sample temperature has an influence on the measurement results, and the sample temperature should be recorded when measuring.

2. Large dispersed particles and bubbles interfere with the measurement, and large particles should be avoided from entering the funnel to prevent the generation of bubbles. If necessary, defoaming agent should be added.

3. The initial position of the fluid level must be appropriate, otherwise the determination may be wrong due to the influence of liquid column pressure and inertia.

4. The drilling fluid is poured into the funnel immediately after the measurement begins. If the delay time is too long, the drilling fluid may form a gel, resulting in a positive error in the measurement results.

5. Keep the funnel as vertical during the determination whenever possible.

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