Liaohe Oil Field Chemical Flooding Production Continues to Climb

Liaohe Oil Field Chemical Flooding Production Continues to Climb


Liaohe Oil Field Chemical Flooding Production Continues to Climb

Since the beginning of this year, Liaohe Oilfield has continued to tackle the key technologies of chemical flooding regulation and promote the continuous expansion of the scale of chemical flooding. As of April 12, the field had 142 units, up 4.4% from the same period last year; daily production reached 660 tons, up 5.3% from the same period last year.

The formula system is better. The reservoir types of Liaohe oilfield are complex and the oil properties are diverse, while chemical flooding generally has the characteristics of "one reservoir, one side, one piece, one policy". The universality of formula development, reservoir design and regulation are poor enough, so it is impossible to promote chemical flooding in one model scale. To this end, the researchers of Liaohe oilfield have worked hard since the beginning of the 13th Five-Year Plan, and have developed 7 kinds of compound flooding formula system. Among them, Shen 84-An 12 block broke through the high condensate alkali-free binary formula system for the first time in the world. The unilateral cost was reduced by 11% compared with that of the common ternary chemical flooding formula system, and the oil flooding efficiency was 27.5% higher than that of water flooding. Therefore, the old area was revitalized.

The supporting process is stronger. Liaohe oilfield in chemical flooding ground engineering and injection and production technology supporting innovation, in order to enhance adaptation, reduce cost, improve efficiency as the goal, independent research and development of eight kinds of reusable use skid injection device, after three application, the site construction period shortened by 25%, single well set injection engineering investment reduced by 16.6%.

The expansion effect is better. In the past year, 46 new chemical flooding well sets have been expanded for tests, and the number of new well sets is 5 times that of previous years. In the process of expanding implementation, Liaohe Oilfield solved problems such as water balance and sewage treatment one by one, which improved the effect of expanding implementation.