Southwest Oil and Gas Field Bright Eye Start "Gas" Potential Such As Rainbow ​

Southwest Oil and Gas Field Bright Eye Start "Gas" Potential Such As Rainbow ​


Southwest Oil and Gas Field Bright Eye Start "Gas" Potential Such As Rainbow

In the first quarter of this year, the southwest oil and gas Field produced 10.549 billion cubic meters of natural gas, up 8.65% year on year, hitting a record high for the same period, achieving a high-quality start.

Since the beginning of this year, southwest oil and gas field has anchored the target of "crossing 40 billion yuan to a new level", focusing on the three fields of conventional gas, tight gas and shale gas, accelerating the pace of speed and efficiency of new Wells, actively carrying out measures for old Wells, efficiently promoting the construction of key projects, and fully promoting the storage and production of natural gas.

In accordance with the "land and sea, often not, both oil and gas" principle, southwest oil and gas field outstanding efficient exploration, concentrated exploration, strengthen risk exploration, penglai gas area lamp shadow group, Sichuan-western Sichuan tight gas, eastern Sichuan ErTriassic reef beach in the fields of exploration for new breakthroughs, new discoveries, new progress, continue to consolidate reserves production resource base. In the first quarter, 14 industrial oil and gas Wells were obtained, with a total daily production of more than 3 million cubic meters.

Southwest oil and gas fields have innovated the production and construction mode, and paid close attention to the guarantee of factors. At present, 78 new Wells have been put into operation, with a new production capacity of more than 2.4 billion cubic meters. In the field of conventional gas, focusing on the effective use of low-grade reserves and safe and efficient development of high sulfur gas field in northeast Sichuan, 5 well oil test was completed in the first quarter, and the average daily output of per well reached 1.46 million cubic meters; in the field of tight gas, the production scale of 2.5 billion cubic meters was built in golden autumn block; in the field of shale gas, integrated geological engineering design and implementation template was formed in Dazu block, and EUR (final recoverable reserves assessed by single well) increased steadily, with average EUR 203 reaching 139 million cubic meters and average EUR 201 well area reaching 144 million cubic meters.

Southwest oil and gas fields pay close attention to the potential of old Wells, and vigorously implement the project of improving oil recovery rate. According to the working ideas of "one well, one policy" and "one reservoir, one case", increase the measures of old Wells, do a good job in production tracking analysis and system optimization, maximize the capacity of gas Wells, and take the measures to increase the gas production by more than 600 million cubic meters. We accelerated the implementation progress of the resumption of production, organized the resumption of production in batches and in an orderly manner, and optimized the effect of measures. In the first quarter, 85 Wells were resumed and shut down, and the gas production exceeded 19 million cubic meters.

Southwest oil and gas fields also make full efforts to promote the acquisition of scenery indicators and project construction, strengthen the communication and connection with local governments and cooperative enterprises, give full play to the advantages of natural gas resources, and actively obtain the new energy resources development indicators of Sichuan and Chongqing regions and the surrounding provinces and cities of Sichuan and Chongqing. To "based on the area, expand area, cooperative development, scale development" for the principle, the first distributed photovoltaic Sichuan region demonstration project, committed to accelerating residual pressure power generation industrialization, comprehensive summary residual pressure power generation design, construction and operation experience, further expand the application scenario, promote residual pressure power scale, industrialization, take the lead in the group company's first scale gas residual pressure power generation demonstration project, has built 15 sets of residual pressure power generation device.