"Wind" From the "Electricity" Surge in Daqing Oilfield New Energy Run Out of the "Acceleration"

"Wind" From the "Electricity" Surge in Daqing Oilfield New Energy Run Out of the "Acceleration"


"Wind" From the "Electricity" Surge in Daqing Oilfield New Energy Run Out of the "Acceleration"

In the first wind farm of —— No.9 oil production Plant in Daqing Oilfield, a fan rotates its blades to accelerate the "acceleration" of new energy development. This station relies on the oilfield's own land and abundant wind energy resources, which is a powerful practice for Daqing oilfield to realize low carbonization of energy structure. As of April 20, Daqing's "green electricity" generation has totaled 114.2 million kilowatt-hours, equivalent to 93.7 percent of last year's new energy generation last year.

Daqing oilfield has vigorously promoted multi-energy complementarity, and accelerated the pace of green and low-carbon development. According to the group company new energy business overall arrangement deployment, Daqing oilfield adhere to the "efficiency first, both inside and outside simultaneously, compliance in accordance with the law" principle, strengthen the top-level design, strengthen the overall coordination, focus on index acquisition, project promotion, enterprises to build, market extension, scientific and technological innovation, to ensure the new energy development feet to act on.

With the goal of "one stability, three increases and two improvements", Daqing Oilfield fully implements the requirements of green and low-carbon transformation and development, takes the new energy business as the "leading industry" of the continuous force of the oilfield development, and presses the "fast forward key" for green development. Daqing Oilfield is actively planning to build an integrated demonstration base of "landscape gas and hydrogen storage" of ten million kw. At present, there are 50 new energy projects under construction, under review and under research, with a total installed capacity of 1.748 million kw.

"The beach" new energy, clear research direction, sorting out the key technologies. Daqing oilfield organization related departments comb new energy technology difficulties, form technology research "tree", "clear" source network storage "," park type can complementary ", energy control, hydrogen industry and so on seven research direction, determine the intelligent network technology, thin oil thermal technology, the hydrogen industry chain application technology such as 14 key technology.

The external market of new energy is "in full bloom". Since the beginning of this year, the main leaders of Daqing Oilfield have led the team to promote the diversification of new energy cooperation, and signed the framework agreement of strategic cooperation on new energy development with Suihua City and Mudanjiang City respectively. The cooperation between Daqing Oilfield and Wudalianchi, Daxing'Hinggan Mountains and other regions is progressing as planned. In terms of technology, Daqing Oilfield and CNPC Shenzhen New Energy Research Institute "joined hands". The two sides carried out in-depth cooperation in the fields of green hydrogen production and application demonstration, and conducted exchanges on the technological development status of intelligent micro grid, geothermal and hydrogen energy, the technical bottleneck of industrial development, future construction mode and other issues.

According to "resource conditions, energy saving thin body, management ability, promotion potential" district principle, Daqing oilfield to build lama dian oilfield, yongle oilfield "a south a north" two low carbon production demonstration project, explore the "carbon" as the core management experience, open up new path of green transformation of development, further improve the level of clean energy utilization.

During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, Daqing Oilfield strives to build a demonstration base for green and low-carbon and sustainable development, with a clean energy replacement rate of more than 20%. Focus on "four strong advances": strong promotion of source emission reduction, deepening three-dimensional energy saving and emission reduction, ensure the continuous decrease of total energy consumption and carbon emissions; accelerate the project implementation, accelerate the demonstration and implementation of planning projects; scale expansion, accelerate the application of CCUS technology, implement the CCUS industry chain planning; market expansion and promotion.