Petrochina Builds the First Million-Ton Oil Field in Western Inner Mongolia

Petrochina Builds the First Million-Ton Oil Field in Western Inner Mongolia


Petrochina Builds the First Million-Ton Oil Field in Western Inner Mongolia

On June 11, the Bayan Oilfield built by Huabei Oilfield in the Hetao Basin produced 2,780 tons of oil per day and started a production line of 1 million tons of crude oil per year. At this point, Bayan oilfield will also become the first million-ton oil field in western Inner Mongolia.

The Hetao Basin, located in the periphery of the Ordos Basin in western Inner Mongolia, has been regarded as a difficult "hard bone" due to the difficulty of exploration for many years. Since Huabei Oilfield entered this region in the second half of 2017, on the basis of previous exploration and research, it has continued to strive, based on high-level science and technology, give full play to the advantages of exploration technology and fine exploration experience of the fault basin, and continuously innovate exploration theory and technology, so as to start the tough battle of oil hunting in Hetao New Area.

Since 2018, high-yield Wells were drilled in the Jiltai tectonic belt in the central and western part of the basin to open the door of basin exploration breakthrough, Huabei Oilfield has preferred the exploration direction and taken the Xinglong tectonic belt in the northern part of the basin as an important potential area. In 2020, the risk exploration well Linhua 1 well and the key pre-exploration well Xinghua 1 well both achieved high-yield oil flow, opening a new situation of oil and gas exploration in the northern part of Linhe Depression. From 2021 to 2022, we will accelerate the exploration of high-quality resources, deploy more than 10 exploration Wells more than 5,000 meters deep in Xinghua block, and the maximum daily output of single well and single layer oil test is nearly 300 cubic meters. The integration of exploration and development has been rapidly promoted, and the exploration of the new area has created a new oil search speed of "paying 100 million tons of proven reserves for two consecutive years".

The northern part of the Hetao Basin is 4,000 meters deep. Huabei Oilfield has made unremitting technical breakthroughs, solved the technical problems of high-quality three-dimensional seismic data collection and processing, and achieved a major breakthrough in ultra-deep oil and gas exploration at 6000 meters, with the effective reservoir depth from 3000 meters to 6000 meters, and the deepest well 101 to 7125 meters.

Huabei Oilfield continues to explore the oil and gas accumulation theory and key technologies of exploration, revealed the hydrocarbon generation mechanism of "early maturity and early discharge of algae source rocks in inland salinity lake", solved the exploration problem of ultra-deep clastic rocks in continental fracture basins in China, and discovered the deepest continental debris rock scale integrated oil field in China. The research results of the project further enrich the petroleum exploration theory of continental fault basins in China.