Cost Reduction of New Fracturing Products in Jilin Oilfield by 60%

Cost Reduction of New Fracturing Products in Jilin Oilfield by 60%


Cost Reduction of New Fracturing Products in Jilin Oilfield by 60%

As of June 8, the fracturing variable sticky and sliding aquatic products independently developed by Jilin Oilfield have been fully promoted and applied in medium and shallow straight Wells, horizontal Wells, deep straight Wells and shale oil horizontal Wells for 7 months, improving the efficiency and reducing the cost by 60%.

In order to further improve the fracturing effect and dig the potential of the old area, Jilin Oilfield Petrochemical Technology Service Company focused on the cutting-edge technology of fracturing business, gave full play to its professional advantages, and successfully developed and promoted the new fracturing fluid —— low-cost sticky and slippery water in two years.

It is understood that the product a dose of multi-effect, with low concentration of resistance and high concentration of sand effect, after the comprehensive indoor evaluation from June to November last year, the indicators and performance meet the industry standards, at the end of last year to carry out field tests. The new fracturing fluid has been applied in the shallow, horizontal, deep and shale oil horizontal well in Jilin oilfield. In the process of site fracturing construction, the resistance reduction effect is obvious, the sand bearing meets the design requirements of sand ratio design, up to 40%, the pressure is stable, and it can replace the guanidine glue system to complete the fracturing design.

The successful application of the new sticky and slippery water has opened a new chapter of low-cost fracturing in Jilin Oilfield. The material cost is reduced by more than 50% compared with that of guanidine system, and the dispensing cost and construction cost are reduced by more than 10%. The scale application of this product will make a positive contribution to the benefit development of Sunan in Jilin oilfield.