Offshore Oil and Gas Equipment Continues to Improve

Offshore Oil and Gas Equipment Continues to Improve


Offshore Oil and Gas Equipment Continues to Improve

In recent years, China's oil and gas exploration and development has accelerated to the deep sea, increasing storage and production, largely due to the progress of offshore oil and gas equipment industry.

Hard force, continuous results. In recent years, a series of offshore oil and gas equipment, independently designed and built by China, and responsible for geophysical exploration, geological survey, drilling operations, engineering construction, safety guarantee and production management, has been put into use. In terms of exploration and development, the sister ships of "Offshore Oil 720" and "Offshore Oil 721" have a maximum operating water depth of 3,000 meters, and can carry out efficient, accurate and large-area three-dimensional seismic acquisition operations. In terms of construction and installation, China has a number of lifting and pipe-laying vessels, including the "Blue Whale" and "Offshore Oil 201", with a maximum lifting capacity of 7,500 tons. In terms of production facilities, CNOOC has more than 300 production platforms and floating production oil storage and unloading devices, with a maximum operating depth of more than 1500 meters. Some oil and gas fields have completed digital and intelligent transformation, which can realize remote control production. In June last year, China's first set of domestic deep-water underwater oil trees was put into use, further enhancing the manufacturing capacity of high-end Marine equipment.

On the whole, China has a "deepwater fleet" of offshore oil and gas development in the whole process from geophysical exploration, drilling to engineering construction, and established a deep-water oil and gas exploration and development technology system with independent intellectual property rights. China has become one of the few countries in the world that can independently carry out deepwater oil and gas exploration and development.

In the future, with the continuous improvement of the construction and design capacity, the industry prospect is very worth looking forward to. We will continue to implement major national science and technology projects, strengthen research on key and core technologies in offshore oil and gas exploration and development, and improve the effectiveness of exploration and development. China will focus on the development of floating liquefied natural gas production storage device, deep draft single column platform and other new production platform, support under different scale, different Marine environment of efficient development demand, further promote the rapid development of Marine engineering industry technology, form of shallow water with Chinese characteristics, deep, deep-water oil and gas field development of the whole industry chain engineering technology and management system. In order to promote Marine science and technology to achieve high-level self-reliance and effectively guarantee national energy security, we will continue to work hard to reach new heights.