With "Number" Fu "Wisdom" Oil City Glow with New Vitality

With "Number" Fu "Wisdom" Oil City Glow with New Vitality


With "Number" Fu "Wisdom" Oil City Glow with New Vitality

Using digital operation and maintenance technology, the No.4 Oil Production Plant of Daqing Oilfield has carried out 204 data commissioning, 35 network fault handling and system operation 46 times; with the high digitalization of the whole chain of factory design, manufacturing, logistics and factory operation; and the "ARD control system" with independent intellectual property rights, the annual output value of Daqing Anruida Technology Development Co., Ltd. will reach 120 million yuan...

Statistics show that Daqing city industrial enterprises on the plan of the key process numerical control rate, digital research and development design tools penetration rate reached 45.7%, 55.1% respectively.

Race for the industrial track, change the future of the city. With the continuous development of digital emerging industries in Daqing, an emerging city of deep integration of digital industry is "growing" in the land of Baihu.

Traditional industries are like a tiger with wings added

In Daqing oilfield, more and more oil people are enjoying the "digital dividend".

In the fourth oil production team in the third operation area of the first oil production Plant of Daqing Oilfield, the employees are monitoring the production data in real time through the large screen of the centralized control center."With digital support, when oil Wells are abnormal, we can find them in the first time, effectively shortening the time for the discovery, judgment and disposal of abnormal Wells."Geological vice monitor Ma Yingjie introduced.

At the same time, a computer in the production command center of Longhububble oil production area of the 9th Oil production Plant of Daqing Oilfield issued an alarm. The duty officer Tong Lili opened the online monitoring and fault diagnosis operation and maintenance platform of the digital iot equipment, and found that the pressure transmitter of one oil well of injection and production was abnormal, and immediately contacted the operation and maintenance personnel of the operation area to deal with it.

"In the past, the equipment faults could only be found through manual inspection, but now the operating status of the equipment can be clear on the platform."Tong Lili said.

At present, Daqing Oilfield has completed the digital transformation of more than 50,000 oil and water Wells, and the digital construction coverage rate of large stations is more than 90%. The construction of digital oil fields has begun to take shape.

Walking into the Volvo Car Daqing factory, the first thing you see is the modern production line. Zhang Lili, assistant to the general manager of the factory, said that the production equipment and research and development, manufacturing systems and other real-time data interaction, to realize the data integration of the whole chain such as design, manufacturing, logistics and operation. Because of this, in 2021, Daqing Volvo was identified as one of the first smart factories in our province.

Statistics show that at present, Daqing city planning on the key process numerical control rate, digital research and development design tools penetration rate has reached 45.7%, 55.1% respectively.

Emerging industries are on the rise

The "digital" upgrading of traditional industries has brought new development opportunities for related supporting enterprises.

Daqing anorida technology development co., LTD., production operations center engineer zhang Ji'an came to the company early in the morning, and technical research and development personnel docking equipment installation, on-site operations service work plan, rushed to the production assembly workshop, arrange personnel to infrared panoramic imaging early warning radar and multispectral tracking turntable for inspection and testing.

Founded in December 2014, Anida's main business is to provide big data research and judgment products and services, to provide customers with a full range of customized system solutions. The company is mainly engaged in the promotion and application of radar weekly scanning detection and photoelectric linkage and integration technology, and the "ARD control system" with independent intellectual property rights.