Daqing Oilfield to Promote the Improvement of Quality, Efficiency and Value Creation Action Documentary

Daqing Oilfield to Promote the Improvement of Quality, Efficiency and Value Creation Action Documentary


Daqing Oilfield to Promote the Improvement of Quality, Efficiency and Value Creation Action Documentary

Quality and benefit is the fundamental to the survival of enterprise management. Daqing oilfield maintains a steady production of crude oil of 30 million tons, which is a high level, high quality and high efficiency, and must withstand the consideration of economic yardstick.

At present, the operating performance of Daqing oilfield maintains the highest level in recent years, ranking among the forefront of oil and gas field enterprises of the group. This is one of the achievements of Daqing Oilfield's solid theme education and the action of improving quality, efficiency and value creation.

Benefit is the "lifeline" of an enterprise. How to achieve sustained economic benefits? Avenue to simple, improve quality and efficiency is not only a target standard, but also a methodology, need to continue to force, for a long time.

In 2022, the party group of the Group listed quality and efficiency improvement and low-cost development as the "four strategic measures". At the beginning of this year, the party group of the group company will improve quality and efficiency and loss management and other work in an important position, held a special work meeting to undertake key deployment. Daqing oilfield vigorously promotes the implementation, successively develop mass efficiency, loss management, from production scale, service coordination, governance improvement, innovation and development of four dimensions for "a core two drive four grasp four promote" guide, 36 specific measures, rely on production and efficiency, upgrade, management quality, innovation can assign, to build quality efficiency "refined version".

Focusing on high-quality development, Daqing Oilfield will coordinate and effectively improve quality and reasonably increase quantity, and consolidate the foundation of energy supply guarantee. Gathering the main business, improving the quality and efficiency, winning the value and creating the "main battlefield", Daqing Oilfield has deeply promoted the special actions such as efficient exploration, stable production of old oil fields, and efficient production of new areas, to vigorously improve the quality and efficiency of resources.

Resource replacement, to promote the output scale of steady progress. Daqing Oilfield promotes the peak project of reserve growth, and further promotes the efficient exploration in key fields. We will continue to take consolidating the resource base as the primary project, take the balance between storage and production as the goal, pursue the orderly use of reserves, and strive to build a new pattern of "4433" exploration. In the first half of this year, resource exploration has achieved fruitful results.

Benefit stable production, accurate development, "jin must seize". Daqing Oilfield focuses on technical problems and development bottlenecks, setting up five special teams for sustainable development, focusing on low-cost development, promoting five low-cost measures such as comprehensive adjustment of water flooding and production contribution of new Wells, and achieving the overall improvement of the oilfield development level.

Test the accurate development strategy with economic reserves, economic output and economic workload results. The oilfield development system breaks the "inertia thinking" of maintaining the production scale by large drilling, large liquid extraction and large strength. Since the beginning of this year, through the creative implementation of the "551" precise development strategy, the production and efficiency, management and technology, current and long-term, and constantly stimulate new drivers of oil and gas development."In the first half of this year, a total of 6,937 Wells were implemented in the key blocks of tertiary oil production, and the development effect of 14 blocks was better than expected, exceeding the production of 76,000 tons."Daqing oilfield development division three oil production management section deputy chief Chen Hongkui said.