Heavy Oil Development in Daqing Oilfield is Moving Towards Scale

Heavy Oil Development in Daqing Oilfield is Moving Towards Scale


Heavy Oil Development in Daqing Oilfield is Moving Towards Scale

As the main force of the development of Daqing peripheral oilfield, —— The No.9 Oil Production Plant of Daqing Oilfield actively optimizes the production capacity operation to ensure the early production and early results of new Wells. As of August 18,78 new Wells for heavy oil have been put into operation this year, marking a big step toward the large-scale development of heavy oil in Daqing oilfield.

The development system of Daqing oilfield takes the stable production of high-quality crude oil as the foothold of the theme education, and examines the production situation, development potential and countermeasures unit by unit to ensure the online operation of crude oil production. According to the ninth heavy oil production plant project manager deputy manager Ma Xiaoguang introduction, relying on the perfect operation management system, according to the Daqing oil field west slope of heavy oil rolling development requirements, the plant unified organization, coordination and supervision of the west slope of heavy oil development, at present, the block has been put into production 267 Wells, oil production of nearly 250000 tons, plans to put into production 96 Wells have all drilling, strive for all production at the end of August.

Scientific organization of production capacity construction, to seize the production of new Wells. Faced with the difficulties of low-lying and complex conditions of the new heavy oil well, the factory adheres to the integrated production mode of "drilling, construction and investment", scientifically organizes and takes multiple measures simultaneously, adopts the way of "ice breaking and soil" cushion to ensure the operation, optimizes the operation according to local conditions, and accelerates the pace of construction and production of heavy oil.

Promote market experience and tap the potential of reducing costs and increasing efficiency. This factory comprehensively evaluates suppliers from the aspects of product quality and after-sales service, improves the "2 + X" business selection mode and price system, expands the market coverage of projects such as crude oil transportation and general cargo transportation and so on, further taps the potential to reduce investment and cost control space, and improves the economic benefits of heavy oil development.

Overcome high temperature, rainy and waterlogging, and take multiple measures to build. During the spring drilling construction at the beginning of the year, the pipeline shall protect the smooth road and drill low-lying Wells; during the high temperature season of June and July, the supervision center shall organize the construction unit to arrange the construction process reasonably and avoid the high temperature period at noon; During the rainy season, the construction personnel shall seize the precious opportunity after rain, and try to get oil one day earlier. At present, the plant has completed the construction of 21 kilometers of pipelines, 35 kilometers of high-voltage lines and 356 poles, built two oil gathering platforms and expanded three oil gathering platforms, to save the lead for the production of new Wells.

Strong technical breakthrough, promote the pilot test of hot production. Xu Peiyong, deputy chief of Tailai operation area of the No.9 Oil Production Plant, which is responsible for the development of heavy oil, said that the development of heavy oil in Daqing oilfield mainly relies on underground natural energy. Daqing oilfield development division set up heavy oil development team, lead the steam throughput test, coordinate each department chart operations, according to the table, item by item, solve the problem of pumping unit replacement, pressure high pressure, organization to liaohe oilfield research communication 14 people, experience exchange meeting 3 times, in-depth command coordination 6 times, ensure the smooth construction of the pilot test well, test 19 Wells has achieved good development effect, realize the single well greatly increase oil, initially formed the narrow river sand body prediction, optimal fast drilling, heavy oil multiple development, efficient lifting technology of thin layer, low abundance of common thick oil development technology system. Next year, steam throughput development will be fully promoted, which will inject strong momentum for the development of heavy oil.

"A large number of new Wells have been put into production this year, and the production capacity construction is active. We are more confident to achieve the annual production of 141,000 tons of heavy oil, which will help the steady production of crude oil in Daqing Oilfield."The ninth oil production plant director assistant Wang Youwen said.