Zhejiang Oilfield Accelerated the Layout of New Energy Industry

Zhejiang Oilfield Accelerated the Layout of New Energy Industry


Zhejiang Oilfield Accelerated the Layout of New Energy Industry

As of August 27, four new energy solar thermal projects, saving 401,500 kilowatt-hours and 134,000 cubic meters, a record high, injecting strong impetus for the green, low-carbon and high-quality development of Zhejiang oilfield.

In order to accelerate the exploration of the construction mode and implementation path in line with the actual oilfield, Zhejiang Oilfield has established and improved the "1 + N" new energy management system, and strengthened the basic research of new energy. Expand the company's green and low-carbon development plan in Yunnan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shandong provinces, relying on the advantages of "industry, natural gas, joint venture and cooperation" to obtain resources, and promote the construction of four new energy bases. We will promote the construction of "landscape, thermal hydrogen", vigorously promote the integrated development of wind, gas, electricity and 

geothermal, and promote the whole industrial chain of hydrogen energy production, transportation, storage and use and the layout of CCS / CCUS industry.

At present, Zhejiang Oilfield has established cooperative relations with 36 scientific research institutes and new energy enterprises, such as Shandong Physical and Chemical Exploration and Investigation Institute, and has connected with 41 cities and counties in Shandong to carry out business and reached cooperation intention. In terms of research and development and application of solar thermal, two well sites of Zhu 1-3 and Ji 16H2 of Zhejiang oilfield are selected to build and operate solar thermal projects, accelerate the project construction, acceptance and operation management, continuously track the operation effect, explore the best operation mode, and maximize the power saving effect of solar thermal equipment.