Qinghai Oilfield Science and Technology Support to Enhance the Ability to Guarantee Supply ​

Qinghai Oilfield Science and Technology Support to Enhance the Ability to Guarantee Supply ​


Qinghai Oilfield Science and Technology Support to Enhance the Ability to Guarantee Supply

As of August 28, Qinghai Oilfield has recovered 4,100 tons of carbon dioxide and prepared 820 tons of methanol since this year by carrying out low-concentration carbon dioxide capture industrial experiments. Scientific and technological breakthroughs have supported the refining and chemical business and achieved remarkable results.

Qinghai oilfield adhere to self-reliance of science and technology, to group company "continental shale oil" major projects and essential crude oil, astringent north gas two "ballast stone engineering" as the important backing, closely around the development strategy requirements and production difficulties, pain points, scientific research project system, concentrate superior strength research, enhance the oilfield development innovation kinetic energy.

Strengthen shale oil exploration and development technology, relying on the "innovation consortium" collaborative research, form a huge thick mountain shale oil geological engineering integration supporting technology system, realize "evaluation, guide, drilling, pressure" professional collaboration, make dessert evaluation accuracy of 80%, drilling cycle shortened by 50%, single well control reserves increased by more than 1 times.

Promote the iteration and upgrading of engineering technologies, strengthen the technology of complex deep Wells, unconventional drilling and completion and efficiency, and promote the process of regional speed template and segmented fracturing and oil testing of straight Wells. The average drilling drilling rate is 32% higher than last year, the average drilling cycle is shortened by 35.7%, the average completion cycle is shortened by 30%, and the oil test cycle is shortened by 15 days per layer, which is the best index in recent years.

The Qaidam Basin has strong tectonic movement, complex geological conditions, and very distinctive geological characteristics and resource types. It is necessary to solve the development problems through scientific and technological progress to support the efficient increase of storage, construction and production. Qinghai Oilfield has strengthened the research of basin basic geological theory and the "four new" fields and key areas of exploration, great progress has been made in the exploration of Yingxiongling shale oil, Chai southwest slope and Chai northwest structure, and the achievements in natural gas exploration such as Niuzhong bedrock and British oil gas have been gratifying.

Qinghai Oilfield has strengthened oil and gas development technologies such as supporting technologies for the million-ton stable production project of medium and low permeability oil reservoir, the extraction technology of complex broken block gas reservoir, and the benefit development technology of bedrock bottom water and gas reservoir, so as to comprehensively improve the oil and gas supply guarantee capacity. Crude oil development to essential oil area "ballast stone engineering" as the lead, set up on crude oil production team, form the western geological engineering integration technology center, strengthen the injection production network perfect, fine regulation and measures benefit development, stage increase 33000 tons, nissan level from the beginning of more than 700 tons, the highest level of nissan in nearly seven years. The development of natural gas focuses on "water control, water control and sand control", and this year, the production has increased by 646 million cubic meters.