Huabei Oilfield Continues to Develop the Geothermal Market

Huabei Oilfield Continues to Develop the Geothermal Market


Huabei Oilfield Continues to Develop the Geothermal Market

As of August 30, four of the three Wells in the geothermal project of Beijing city sub-center have been drilled to 1,711 meters, and it is expected that all five geothermal Wells will be drilled by the end of September. From 2022 to August this year, Huabei Oilfield has reached cooperation agreements with 8 counties and cities in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region for two years, obtaining a geothermal heating market area of 27.31 million square meters, contributing to the promotion of green and low-carbon energy transformation and the realization of the "double-carbon" goal.

As a pioneer in geothermal energy development, Huabei Oilfield has been exploring community heating, geothermal power generation, production maintenance and thermal heating since the 1980s, taking the lead in building the exploration and evaluation system of geothermal resources in oil areas in China, and completed the first "oil-heat-electricity" joint production demonstration project in 2011. In 2020, the oilfield formed a consortium with Sinopec Xinxing Company and Beijing Gas to win the first new energy project in Xiongan New Area. Huabei Oilfield has a complete oil and gas industry chain and a variety of energy products, and has formed a complete comparative advantage in location, resources, technology, integrated industrial chain and product types.

In the face of nearly two years of new energy development increasingly fierce market competition situation, in 2022, north China oilfield new energy division, based on the actual work form Beijing geothermal work team and Jin Zhou project, river project enterprise to joint team, promote geothermal business planning, design, construction, market development and technology promotion, out of the road of geothermal industry high quality development.

In terms of communication between local enterprises, Huabei Oilfield, with the brand image of CNPC and the mutual and win-win relationship between oil and local development, has strengthened in-depth communication and operation efforts, and reserves a number of mature market and policy support geothermal projects in Beijing, Renqiu, Hejian, Jinzhou and other regions. In terms of continuous technical research, continuous improvement of geothermal characteristic technologies, including fully closed non-pressure recharge, medium-low temperature geothermal power generation and high-performance heat exchange, 7 are at the forefront of the industry, and will be displayed at the 2023 World Geothermal Conference in early September. In foreign cooperation, relying on the basic resources of oil and gas industry, we have cooperated flexibly with Hebei Hydrological Engineering Geological Survey Institute, Natural Resources Aviation Remote Sensing Center of China Geological Survey and other units to learn relevant experience and support market development and project implementation.

Up to now, the new geothermal heating market of Huabei Oilfield has reached 12.5 million square meters this year, and 9 key geothermal heating projects are under construction. It is expected that 7.04 million square meters of heating area will be built by the end of the year.