Jilin Oilfield Changes the Development Mode to Solve the Problem of Governance

Jilin Oilfield Changes the Development Mode to Solve the Problem of Governance


Jilin Oilfield Changes the Development Mode to Solve the Problem of Governance

As of September 26, the cumulative power generation of Jilin oilfield wind power exceeded 194 million KWH, and all green electricity was used for self-consumption. Production electricity consumption decreased by more than 29 million KWH, self-use natural gas, land costs and other costs have achieved a hard decline compared with the same period in previous years. These are the concrete embodiment of Jilin Oilfield to promote the transformation of thematic education research results and crack the governance problems.

The resource grade of Jilin oilfield is poor, the average daily output of oil Wells is only 0.6 tons, after more than 60 years of exploitation, the remaining resources are further inferior. In the face of difficulties such as the difficulty of finding high-quality resources, the difficulty of stable efficiency production, and the difficulty of controlling investment costs, Jilin Oilfield has actively changed its development mode, promoted the marketization of engineering and technical teams, worked hard to control costs, improved the internal labor market of the oilfield, and cracked the governance problems.

Around the problem of low grade of resources, find efficient ways to develop and use. From the actual situation of exploration and development of Jilin oilfield for many years, the grade of resources that can be found is getting worse and worse, and it is unrealistic to expect to find high-yield resources in a short period of time, and efforts to find efficient development methods are the main direction. Through in-depth investigation and research at the grassroots level, Jilin Oilfield based on the reality of low production in multiple Wells, focused on finding production "growth point" and stopping benefit "bleeding point", carefully cultivated lean management model, controlled the natural decline rate within 10% and increased recovery rate by 1 percentage point as the starting goal, paid more attention to controlling natural decline rate and improving water drive recovery rate. To improve the development of old oil fields to see action, see results.

In view of the problem of high operating cost, scientific and technological innovation means to improve efficiency and reduce consumption. In the investigation of Jilin Oilfield, it was found that the control system of the oil-water treatment center station of Fuyu Oil Extraction plant was isolated and scattered, and the employees frequently operated on site with high labor intensity and high production cost. After repeated research and efforts to solve problems, Jilin Oilfield, based on the digital transformation of the Internet of Things, fully completed the first intelligent terminal in operation in late August, and promoted the transformation of first-line production management from "normal" to "abnormal". On this basis, the construction of the Internet of Things of Jilin Oilfield's station will be "three years and two years", and the construction of the Internet of Things of Honggang, Qian 'an, Xinli, Changchun and other stations will be carried out simultaneously, and strive to be completed and put into operation by May next year, and strive to achieve the goal of "small and medium-sized stations with few people on duty and no one on duty".

In view of the contradiction between the large number of staff on the job and the low capacity of per capita innovation, we should expand the channels of export labor. Jilin Oilfield takes the theme education as an opportunity to sort out the key points of the problems, solve the problems through a series of effective means such as optimizing the employment structure and improving the internal labor market of the oilfield, ensure that high-quality technicians, managers and operators stay in important posts, improve the per capita efficiency ability, and achieve "high labor cost positions do not support idle people". Multi-party expansion of export labor channels, surplus personnel to go out, become a creative factor, and effectively play the role of labor market regulation. At present, Jilin oilfield employees to enter the market footprint has been all over the country. At the same time, Jilin Oilfield has also implemented a number of advantageous projects to accelerate the pace of overall innovation in products, technologies, services, labor and assets.

Under the promotion of thematic education, Jilin oilfield has achieved remarkable results in cost reduction and efficiency increase, quality development, green and low carbon. Focusing on Qian 'an oil extraction plant, the production cost of single well tank with constant pressure drop was saved by shifting peak production, reasonable tank combining and simplifying transportation process. In addition, the company has established 5 kinds of 13 inter-cluster pumping demonstration areas, which have saved more than 60 million KWH of electricity. Basic operating expenses decreased by 244 million yuan year-on-year, and operating expenses decreased by 49 million yuan year-on-year. These achievements show that Jilin Oilfield has made substantial progress in thematic education.

Jilin Oilfield will continue to carry out solid theme education, constantly explore a high-quality development path that meets its own reality, and make greater contributions to the transformation and development of the energy industry.