Coal Seam Gas Companies Hit a New High

Coal Seam Gas Companies Hit a New High


Coal Seam Gas Companies Hit a New High

On September 26, the daily gas production of coal seam gas company reached a new high, reaching 10 million cubic meters. The Great Ji Gas field of coalbed methane Company has become the fastest gas field in deep coal and rock gas production in China, which has created a new growth pole for the increase of natural gas storage and production in China.

Since the beginning of this year, coalbed methane companies have focused on the development and deployment requirements of "big deep coal, fine dense, deep cultivation and shallow", strengthened the management of production capacity construction, and orderly promoted various development and construction work. At present, the cumulative production of more than 10 million cubic meters of deep coal and rock gas Wells reached 24, the highest three Wells have been close to 30 million cubic meters, the capacity is full of momentum.

Adhering to the concept of geological engineering integration, CBM Company continues to carry out fine gas reservoir description, geological engineering integration evaluation, and formulates the design scheme of gas well life cycle drainage and production system to support the efficient large-scale development of deep coal seams in Great Jiji area. The technological innovation of deep coal and rock gas horizontal Wells has been continuously promoted, high-quality downhole tools have been selected, new technologies and processes have been applied, and guidance mode and drilling speed have been comprehensively optimized and improved. The average drilling cycle and completion cycle of deep coal and rock gas horizontal Wells have been reduced by 15% and 10% respectively compared with 2022. Successfully completed the first open hole logging of deep coal and rock gas horizontal Wells in China, filling the blank of deep coal and rock gas horizontal Wells in China.

Coal-bed methane companies continue to optimize the fracturing plan, process, organization, to create a "2+2+1" drilling speed template, the implementation of "factory zipping" line operation, fracturing construction efficiency increased by more than 3 times; Successfully completed the ultra-large-scale fracturing operation of section 73 of Jishen 12-8 platform, and created many construction records such as the number of construction stages, liquid consumption, proppant consumption, and number of Wells constructed on the same well platform in a single day of the fracturing of deep coal and rock gas horizontal Wells.