Daqing Oilfield Strives to Reduce Cost and Increase Efficiency

Daqing Oilfield Strives to Reduce Cost and Increase Efficiency


Daqing Oilfield Strives to Reduce Cost and Increase Efficiency

This year, Daqing oilfield mechanical production well system efficiency increased in the stable, the pump inspection cycle further extended, as of November 22, the average system efficiency of Daqing oilfield mechanical production well reached 28.95%, the pump inspection cycle of the mechanical production well was 921 days, and the pump inspection cycle was extended by 20 days, reaching the goal of reducing cost and increasing efficiency, contributing to the continuous stable production of the oilfield.

This year, Daqing oilfield mechanical production system closely focused on the oil field mechanical production well efficiency and consumption reduction, shaft management, digital improvement and other key work, accelerate technological innovation, expand demonstration application, mechanical production well system efficiency continued to improve, oil well pump inspection rate steadily decreased, pump inspection cycle effectively extended, data intelligence enabled rapid breakthrough, mechanical production system with fruitful technical progress and management improvement. We ensured the acceleration of special actions to improve quality and efficiency.

Both prevention and control, mechanical production well "two rates" to maintain a high level. The first oil production plant of Daqing Oilfield has adopted precise policies in three directions: perfecting technical supporting, fine machine mining management, and preventing and controlling termly scale, studied and applied 23 mature supporting technologies, such as double closed pump and high strength sucker rod with diameter of 28 mm, and formed the "Four chemical" management mode. This year, the factory machine production well inspection pump rate, rework rate two indicators to achieve 11 consecutive years of decline.

Optimization measures, energy saving and efficiency. By building an energy consumption management and control platform, expanding the application scale of inter-pumping, and carrying out intelligent parameter adjustment tests, the second oil production plant of Daqing Oilfield has achieved the energy-saving goal of "one increase and two reduction", the system efficiency has been increased by 2.62 percentage points, and the number of low-efficiency Wells and the power consumption per ton of liquid have been continuously reduced. At the same time, the plant has formed a replicable and can be promoted "3+1" mechanical mining system efficiency management model, to achieve the overall goal of mechanical mining lifting to improve efficiency, shaft management to improve quality, and digital intelligent construction to improve efficiency.

Innovation-driven, to achieve improved quality and efficiency. The 7th Production Plant of Daqing Oilfield plays a leading role as a demonstration area, greatly improving the quality and efficiency of machine production and reducing the operating cost. Up to now, the factory inspection pump cycle has been extended from 1,062 days in 2019 to 1,135 days this year, the annual operation has been reduced to 674 Wells, the annual operating cost has been reduced by 7.474 million yuan, and the system efficiency has been increased from 19.56% to 20.2%. The ninth oil production plant of Daqing Oilfield innovatively adopts three energy-saving mining potential modes, namely, the "active interpumping" mining parameters fine optimization mode, the "control increase and reduce storage" new technology promotion benefit mode, and the "tackling difficulties" high consumption and low efficiency well treatment mode. In the past 20 years, the plant has always taken the interval pumping as an important starting point for improving efficiency and reducing consumption of low-production Wells, pioneered the four-parameter overall optimization energy-saving theory, and constantly changed the technical means and management mode from fine to precise.

Digital empowerment, reduce labor intensity. The third oil production plant of Daqing Oilfield has tackled the digital in-depth application technology, and the intelligent technology such as working condition diagnosis, digital oil measurement and energy consumption measurement has been continuously improved. The field application effect is good in the eighth operation area, and it is expected to replace 916,000 manual workloads per year. The seventh oil production plant of Daqing Oilfield has implemented the digitalization of electrical parameters and force parameters in three operating areas respectively, and will completely cancel manual testing of electrical parameters and strokes in January next year.