​Eor Technology to Enter the Field

​Eor Technology to Enter the Field


Eor Technology to Enter the Field

On November 26, the major project of the Oil and Gas and new Energy Branch undertaken by the Gas Field Development Institute of the Exploration and Development Research Institute - "Major development test of Natural gas Enhanced recovery" completed the proposal demonstration.

In recent years, the natural gas development of the Oil and gas and new energy Branch has gradually shifted from the main production in the new area to consolidating the stable production in the old area and accelerating the benefit of the new area. The company chose the opportunity to set up a scientific and technological special project of "Major Development Test of Enhanced Natural Gas Recovery", focusing on transforming development methods and finding strategic replacement technologies, focusing on technical research and field tests in Changqing Sulige, Qinghai Sebei and Tarim Kela 2 gas areas.

The project is designed to enhance oil recovery, increase production per well and reduce full cost. The project team of the Research Institute of Gas Field Development is actively exploring new technologies for enhancing oil recovery that transform development methods. Through the combination of laboratory test and numerical simulation, four enhanced oil recovery technical paths of carbon dioxide injection, nitrogen injection, water prevention and control, and air injection thermal oxidation flooding were basically established. Laboratory experiment platforms under different technical paths were built, and indoor evaluation and parameter optimization methods were initially formed. A multi-professional EOR technology R&D team including physical simulation, numerical simulation and dynamic monitoring has been set up to support the EOR technology of the Oil and Gas and New Energy Branch from indoor research to field application.