The Oil and Gas Supply Capacity of North China Oilfield Continues to Improve

The Oil and Gas Supply Capacity of North China Oilfield Continues to Improve


The Oil and Gas Supply Capacity of North China Oilfield Continues to Improve

Since the beginning of winter, from the central part of Hebei Province to the central and western part of Inner Mongolia, more than 30 drilling teams in North China Oilfield have braved the cold to adhere to winter production and contributed to the successful conclusion of the year's work. In 2023, the comprehensive energy equivalent of North China oilfield will increase by more than 14% compared with 2022, and the oil and gas supply capacity will continue to improve.

In response to the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed to "strengthen the exploration and development of oil and gas resources and increase storage and production", Huabei Oilfield improved its position, deeply understood the importance of "the rice bowl of energy must be in its own hands", effectively strengthened the ideological consciousness, political consciousness and action consciousness of safeguarding national energy security, and proposed the strategic goal of "building a world-class modern energy enterprise". Central tasks have been identified for the current and future periods.

Focusing on the demand for high-quality resources in the "energy supply guarantee" and guided by the strategic project of increasing crude oil storage and production, Huabei Oilfield comprehensively, systematically and deeply promoted the key projects of exploration and reserve peak growth, Baoding Qingyuan storage and production increase, and "four new" exploration breakthroughs, and vigorously promoted risk exploration, concentrated exploration, off-set exploration, and fine exploration. In 2023, the oil field has made a series of new exploration and discovery achievements and new theoretical and technological progress, maintaining the active trend of peak growth of oil and gas reserves. In 2024, the oilfield will further improve understanding, emancipate minds, innovate ideas for well location research, deepen the integration of exploration and development and geological engineering, and continue to improve the level of efficient exploration technology.

Huabei Oilfield adheres to the concept of efficient oilfield development and "reservoir management", focuses on the main line of controlling decline rate and improving recovery rate, and strives to improve development quality and efficiency. In 2023, the crude oil production of the oil field increased significantly year-on-year, the Bayan million tons oil field was efficiently built, the new production capacity of Qingyuan area reached 100,000 tons, the old oil field "ballast stone" project block produced more than 1.6 million tons of crude oil annually, and the natural decline and comprehensive decline of the oil field continued to slow down.

In 2024, the oilfield will further promote the "three major projects" of benefit production construction project, stable production project of old oilfield and enhanced oil recovery project, orderly carry out the pilot test of CO2 injection development of Xinghua 11 and Xinghua 12 blocks, accelerate the large-scale centralized production of Qingyuan in Baoding, strengthen the comprehensive adjustment and rolling production of Jizhong Old Area, and integrate the fine and precise exploration of potential and classification management of oil reservoirs. Continue to carry out long shut-in treatment.