Liaohe Oilfield System Has Achieved Good Results in Improving Quality and Efficiency

Liaohe Oilfield System Has Achieved Good Results in Improving Quality and Efficiency


Liaohe Oilfield System Has Achieved Good Results in Improving Quality and Efficiency

On January 1, the reporter learned from Liaohe Oilfield that the oil and gas equivalent production of this oilfield in 2023 increased by 2.4% year-on-year, maintaining hard and stable production for 38 consecutive years.

 In the face of the continued impact of the devastating floods in 2022, Liaohe Oilfield highlighted the "simultaneous development of conventional and unconventional", increased exploration and development efforts, and exceeded the reserve task. Accelerating unconventional oil and gas

In particular, the pace of unconventional natural gas production increased by 9.6% year on year, accounting for 0.5 percentage points. Through the implementation of "ballast stone" project, fine development of the old area, heavy oil, thin oil, high point oil production structure has been further optimized. At the same time, Liaohe Oilfield is also working hard to improve production stability and safety, systematically implementing the "three major projects" of flood control around Yanghe River, basically solving this historic problem, and effectively reducing the major risk of maintaining continuous oil and gas supply.

In the past year, Liaohe Oilfield accelerated the pace of green transformation, continued to explore new paths for the integration of oil and gas and new energy development, and promoted the continuous reduction of carbon emissions from oil and gas production. The annual new energy generation more than doubled year-on-year, and was fully absorbed by oil field production. Three carbon dioxide capture and liquefaction stations were newly built and put into operation, and the scale of carbon dioxide injected in the CCUS test year increased by 65%. It has carried out cutting-edge technology research such as heavy oil chemical flooding, heavy oil viscosity reduction cold production, high-temperature electric hot melt salt energy storage steam injection, and underground high-power steam generation devices, and has achieved obvious results, promoting the transformation of heavy oil thermal production from "high carbon" to "low carbon".

In the past year, Liaohe Oilfield has fully implemented the "four fine" requirements, steadily promoted production cost control and reduction, and increased the "gold content" of stable production. During the year, 10 system projects and 10 key projects were deployed and implemented to create a "refined version" of quality and efficiency improvement, internal management tapped potential and efficiency, strictly controlled costs, and external market development exceeded 10 billion yuan. "One enterprise, one policy" precise governance of loss-making enterprises, listed and unlisted businesses to maintain a double profit situation, the overall profit of nearly 10 years of the best, high-quality development benefits more sufficient.