Increasing Oil and Stabilizing Gas in Qinghai Oil Field Has Achieved Good Results Again

Increasing Oil and Stabilizing Gas in Qinghai Oil Field Has Achieved Good Results Again


Increasing Oil and Stabilizing Gas in Qinghai Oil Field Has Achieved Good Results Again

Qinghai Oilfield goes all out to increase oil and stabilize gas, with a high level of oil and gas supply capacity, resolutely be the "pillar" of energy supply, and achieve "double excess" oil and gas production in 2023.

 The foundation for increasing oil and stabilizing gas resources was further consolidated.

With the "ballast stone" project in Gai Oil Area as a demonstration, Qinghai Oilfield has strengthened the comprehensive treatment of old oil fields, focused on the two main lines of "control decline rate and recovery rate", scientifically formulated comprehensive treatment plans for oil fields, strengthened monthly tracking and measures for well formation optimization, and the comprehensive decline rate has decreased year-on-year. The number of relief Wells and fishing Wells increased by 123, and the daily oil production increased by 39 tons. Optimizing production capacity deployment, the old area adopts measures such as "subdivision and encryption, well pattern improvement, rolling edge expansion", while the new area adheres to the "five integration" model such as exploration and development integration, promotes fine management, layer improvement, rolling edge expansion and unconventional tests, and greatly increases the annual oil production of new Wells.

Consolidate the stable production base of the gas field and strengthen the natural gas supply to meet the winter peak. Qinghai Oilfield has strengthened sand control and water control in old areas, compiled decline control plans by different reservoirs, focused on water control, water control and sand control offensive warfare, and controlled the comprehensive decline rate within the planned index. Adhere to precision development and fine tapping potential, promote the construction of measures library, and establish an evaluation system of "yield increase, cycle, and benefit". Adhere to the efficiency queue, increase the efficiency of layer adjustment, sand control, acidification and other high-efficiency operations, and effectively increase the annual gas volume. The "sand liquid level control" project was implemented, and the height of the sand buried production layer was reduced from 12.5 meters at the beginning of the year to 9.5 meters. Relying on the intelligent platform of fluid accumulation risk warning and drainage and production, the number of fluid accumulation Wells was reduced from 223 to 163. With "old well stability, new well improvement, measure increase, and project protection" as the starting point, 54 responsibility lists of 5 categories were developed, daily production docking and weekly production capacity verification were continued, and the monthly decline of old Wells was controlled within 420,000 cubic meters. In 2023, the management and technology of Qinghai oilfield will make efforts at the same time to ensure the warm winter of thousands of families in the three provinces of Gansu and Qinghai-Tibet with sufficient natural gas.

Qaidam Basin is rich in scenic resources and has broad prospects for new energy development. Focusing on green low-carbon and strategic transformation, Qinghai Oilfield has enhanced its core competitiveness in strengthening the strategic cooperation between enterprises and localities, firmly seized the opportunity of Qinghai Province to build a national clean energy industry highland, and steadily promoted the coordinated development of oil and gas and new energy business. The accumulated power generation of new energy completed projects exceeded 4 million KWH during the year, and won the title of "Advanced Unit of New Energy Market Development of China Petroleum". The road to green, low-carbon and transformational development has no limits.