The 7th Oil Production Plant of Daqing Oilfield Explores a New Management Way of Enterprise-Land Points System

The 7th Oil Production Plant of Daqing Oilfield Explores a New Management Way of Enterprise-Land Points System


The 7th Oil Production Plant of Daqing Oilfield Explores a New Management Way of Enterprise-Land Points System

How to turn the difficulties and pain points in production management into inflection points and highlights to solve problems? The seventh oil production plant of Daqing Oilfield uses "small points" to turn the "one-man show" of enterprises into a "chorus" of enterprise-local linkage. In 2023, the seventh oil production plant relied on the joint construction of enterprises to solve more than 170 problems and reduce economic losses of more than 200,000 yuan.

Oil production plant 7 to promote the party building to build, explore a new way of enterprise points system management, to "grid + points", "party building + points", "service + points", strengthen the use of points results, by participating in the virtuous cycle of value, pay a return, so that the past "go it alone" and "one-man show", into a family, work together, safety together.

Mechanism sharing and co-management, set up a "bridge" of enterprise communication. Kuli Bubble is located in the flood storage area of the upper reaches of Songhua River, which is an environmentally sensitive area. 70% of production Wells of injection production Class 728 in the fifth operation area of Oil Production Plant 7 are on the artificial platform in the reservoir bubble.

"Although employees do regular inspection, there are always times when they can't take care of it." Injection mining 728 class Party branch secretary Yang Zhen said. In order to fundamentally solve the problem, the seventh oil production plant gives full play to the advantages of party construction, connects the internal network of the team and the local external network, quantifies the safety, environmental protection, land occupation and other issues reported, coordinated and solved by the grid personnel, and integrates them into the integral management, providing the basic guarantee for regional comprehensive management. The grid staff points system management has enhanced the enthusiasm of both enterprises and localities to participate in grid work, and led to the upgrading of grass-roots governance.

Position co-construction and sharing, paving the "harmonious road" of enterprise and local cooperation. The area of injection and mining Group 728 is located near Yongji village, Laoshantou Township, Datong District, Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province. The Party branch of Class 728 is based on the party member points system, and while helping farmers to help farmers, it is working with Yongji Village to build an enterprise-local integral supermarket. Once the hidden dangers found and reported by villagers are verified, they can obtain certain points and be exchanged for daily necessities, forming a harmonious neighborhood circle of co-construction of enterprises and win-win situation of villages.

Work together to do a common push, a total of drawing the largest "concentric circles". In order to continue to promote the development of the joint construction of enterprises and land, the Party branch of Class 728 of Injection Mining guided the grass-roots team to focus on the actual life of villagers, and tried their best to do practical things and solve difficulties for them. They and the villagers jointly regulate the river environment, guide the villagers to enhance the awareness of safety and environmental protection, and jointly discuss the good plan to protect the environment, and realize the two-way development of the same frequency.