Zhejiang Oil Field Blue Gold Warm South Sichuan

Zhejiang Oil Field Blue Gold Warm South Sichuan


Zhejiang Oil Field Blue Gold Warm South Sichuan

As of January 17, the average daily production of natural gas in Zhejiang oilfield in January increased by 11% year-on-year, and various production and management indicators were good, providing a strong guarantee for protecting the livelihood of the people in southern Sichuan.

In 2023, Zhejiang Oilfield takes the theme education as an opportunity to transform the results throughout the entire production and operation process, and the exploration and development of natural gas in southern Sichuan accelerates comprehensively, adding confidence for winter supply. During the winter supply period, Zhejiang oilfield adheres to the system concept and the bottom line thinking, combines the actual exploration and development in Sichuan and Chongqing area, and consciously arms the mind, guides the practice and solves the problem. At the same time, strengthen the operation scheduling, give full play to the role of the "ballast stone" of the supply, and do a good job of the winter supply.

Zhejiang oilfield has carefully organized and taken many measures to ensure stable production of old Wells. In terms of fine drainage, we actively promote the installation of intelligent control valves, promote the application of automatic bubble drainage, and build intelligent production monitoring and analysis system; The combination method of "small continuous fine gas lift + wellhead pressure control" is adopted to further implement fine drainage and production to ensure stable production of gas Wells. Targeted measures such as acid plugging removal, pipe string replacement, gas lift resumption of production in liquid accumulation Wells, conventional plugging removal measures of "acid + bubble drainage + gas lift backflow" and gas lift resumption measures are taken, and the effect evaluation and tracking are carried out to improve the disposal level of abnormal situations. In terms of lean development management, it highlights the fine control of the whole process of "underground seepage flow - wellbore pipe flow - ground gathering and transportation", and the coverage rate of fine data collection is 100%, the coverage rate of intelligent control valve is 42%, the coverage rate of fine bubble discharge is 50%, and the coverage rate of fine gas lift is 100%, forming the fine production management mode of the whole life cycle. It has realized the transformation of measures governance from artificial passivity to conscious initiative. In addition, the production potential of YS115H3 well is fully tapped, and CNG recovery of wellhead natural gas is adopted to accelerate the recovery of scattered gas.

Zhejiang oilfield strengthens production and operation, and strengthens fine management of new well production. Researchers carried out research on gas reservoirs in Da 'an block in advance and completed well location deployment in advance, saving time for subsequent construction. In the process of construction management, the cooperation of the participating parties has been increased, and the "six speeds" of design acceleration, technical measures acceleration, tool acceleration, management acceleration, organization acceleration and incentive acceleration have been promoted in an integrated way, and the drilling indicators have been continuously broken through. Among them, the average drilling cycle of 25 development Wells decreased by 23% compared with 2022, and the average cost savings per well was 2 million yuan. Faced with various challenges such as complex process, tight construction period, and difficult construction, engineering and technical personnel have formulated a number of construction measures for the project, inverted schedule, stationed at the construction site, and installed and debug equipment and facilities in advance. At the same time, the all-electric drive fracturing technology is fully promoted in Da 'an block to promote green development of gas fields, promote energy conservation and emission reduction, optimize reservoir transformation methods, and achieve faster efficiency and production. In addition, promote the power information construction, through the installation of power monitoring equipment and replacement of infrastructure, continue to improve the quality of electricity production and construction.