Jilin Oilfield Intelligent Lift Helps Improve Quality and Efficiency

Jilin Oilfield Intelligent Lift Helps Improve Quality and Efficiency


Jilin Oilfield Intelligent Lift Helps Improve Quality and Efficiency

As of February 28, Jilin Oilfield has implemented the intelligent lift project in the Xinli mining area for 4 months, and the average energy consumption of 10 test Wells has decreased by more than 30%, which verifies the good role of the technology in energy saving and consumption reduction.

The reservoir situation of Jilin oilfield is complicated, the problem of mismatch between swabbing rate and liquid supply capacity is prominent in the middle and late stage of development. The intelligent lifting technology researched by the Oil and Gas Technology Research Institute can automatically adjust the stroke of the machine production well through the real-time data of pump efficiency and liquid production, so that the oil well can operate in the optimal production system. Last year, 10 Wells were tested in Xinli Oil production plant, and the related work of overall technical finalize was completed.

At the beginning of this year, researchers overcame the difficulties to carry out on-site commissioning and monitoring well by well, rationally develop different plans according to different well conditions, and analyze the actual effect of reducing power consumption after applying intelligent lifting technology in each well. Six of the Wells improved average pump efficiency by 21%, reduced average motor frequency by 42%, and reduced average stroke times by 1.8. The other three Wells are more sensitive to the change of hedging times, and the decrease of liquid production is large when the stroke times are reduced, so the intelligent control adjustment range is small, the average pump efficiency is increased by 6.7%, the average motor frequency is reduced by 6.3%, and the average stroke is reduced by 0.2 times. These 10 Wells have reduced average power consumption by more than 30%.

In the next step, Jilin Oilfield will analyze and summarize the rules of fluid production according to different Wells, discover new understandings according to the obtained data, explore the relationship between stroke times and power consumption, explore the way of combining inter-pumping and new energy, and continue to strengthen the optimization and improvement of intelligent lifting technology.