Loose Gas in Xinjiang Oil Production Plant Turns into 'golden beans'

Loose Gas in Xinjiang Oil Production Plant Turns into 'golden beans'


Loose Gas in Xinjiang Oil Production Plant Turns into 'golden beans'

As of March 4, the scattered gas recovery site of the first oil production plant in Xinjiang oilfield has recovered 45.56 million cubic meters of scattered natural gas and increased efficiency by 18.83 million yuan since it was put into operation 8 months ago.

The first oil production plant is focusing on the goal of increasing production efficiency, achieving synchronous progress of oil and gas exploitation and reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and continuously focusing on projects such as natural gas recovery and comprehensive utilization of scattered gas. At the same time, actively explore new ways of recycling, promote the efficiency of scattered gas resources, and ensure the safe operation of the production, transportation and marketing of scattered gas recycling.

The first oil production plant pays close attention to the daily management of natural gas processing equipment, implements the whole process control of the five natural gas recovery stations that have been put into operation, such as Che881 well, Che21 oil conversion station and Honglian station, focuses on strengthening the inspection and production dynamic analysis of key parts such as well station, branch line and equipment, strictly implements the control measures of each operation site, and timely solves various problems encountered. Ensure the safe and efficient recovery of scattered natural gas.

This year, the first oil production plant will use the Che 471, Che 23 and Che 362 oil conversion stations as a new position to speed up the recovery of scattered natural gas, and it is expected to increase the annual increase of natural gas by 15 million cubic meters. In order to ensure the success of one-time production, the factory has taken many measures to strengthen the guarantee of project construction elements, actively coordinate to deal with existing problems, strictly manage on-site construction, and strive to put into operation as soon as possible. At present, the construction of recovery devices at three sites is progressing in an orderly manner, and strive to let natural gas "particles return to the warehouse".