Liaohe Oil Field 14,000 Young People Brave Innovation and Efficiency

Liaohe Oil Field 14,000 Young People Brave Innovation and Efficiency


Liaohe Oil Field 14,000 Young People Brave Innovation and Efficiency

On May 18, in the Internet of Things operation and maintenance center of Huanxling Oil production plant in Liaohe Oilfield, Xia Honggang, a senior technician of Liaohe Oilfield, is studying the macro-control chart of pumping unit Wells with "Chuangyou". In the past 14 years, he has solved more than 100 production problems based on his position, achieved more than 30 innovative results, and is an outstanding representative of 14,000 young people under the age of 40 in the oilfield.

In recent years, the Youth League Committee of Liaohe Oilfield has focused on the central task of enterprise, focused on cultivating young people's awareness of innovation, enhancing young people's ability to create results, serving young people's growth and development, and leading the majority of young people to uphold their responsibilities in innovation and create results. In the team of key oilfield science and technology projects, 55% of the young people under the age of 40 have submitted more than 300 innovation and efficiency results annually, helping enterprises to increase efficiency by more than 100 million yuan in 2023.

Liaohe Oilfield Youth League Committee actively built the "5+X" youth innovation and effectiveness system platform, using the "Jiangong Liaohe" youth commandos closely linked to the development of enterprises, youth oil and water well analysis competition and other five main carriers with Liaohe Communist Youth League characteristics of "team, number, hand, post, competition". Work projects such as youth career planning and youth Innovation and efficiency competition, which serve young people at different growth stages, organize young people of different ages and different positions together, and focus on the difficulties of scientific and technological research and the pain points of reducing cost and increasing efficiency. Focusing on the difficult problem of green transformation of heavy oil under the background of "double carbon", the electric hot melt salt energy storage steam injection team of the design Institute, with an average age of 35 years old, has met the difficulties, and completed the basic principle research and the drawing of more than 300 drawings in more than one year, and built the world's first electric hot melt salt energy storage steam injection test station.

The Youth League Committee of Liaohe Oilfield has empowered young employees through the "1+1" division, the "Qingzhihui" scientific and technological innovation forum, and the basic skills competition of youth positions. It has jointly carried out exchange activities with China University of Petroleum (Beijing) and other high school Youth League committees, formed a youth innovation consortium with China Petroleum Exploration and Development Research Institute, Dalian University of Technology and other enterprises and universities league organizations, and jointly held youth innovation and efficiency competition with Panjin City team for three consecutive years, constantly expanding the circle of friends, and enhancing innovation and efficiency skills in mutual learning. "By working with the youth innovation team from Dalian University of Technology and Northeastern University, we have broadened our horizons and deepened our understanding of carbon flooding and carbon corrosion mechanisms." Liaohe oilfield exploration and development research Institute a level engineer Liang Fei said.

Liaohe Oilfield Youth League Committee closely relies on the party building and the team building to promote the inclusion of youth innovation and effectiveness into the company's strategic projects such as talent strength and innovation-driven, and jointly with the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Organization Department of the Party Committee and other departments to regularly carry out youth innovation and effectiveness activities, and promote the company to set up youth science and technology awards in the science and technology incentive methods, and increase the proportion of young experts under the age of 40 by nearly 20%; The company's latest selection of "Ten outstanding (excellent) young people" and "Ten outstanding (excellent young people) teams" are all from the first line of innovation and efficiency.