The Oriental Geophysical Geothermal Project Has Achieved Phased Results and Assisted New Energy Exploration and Development

The Oriental Geophysical Geothermal Project Has Achieved Phased Results and Assisted New Energy Exploration and Development


News from China Petroleum Network,The "Three-dimensional Test Project of Old Field" undertaken by the Geological Research Center of Oriental Geophysical Research Institute has achieved stage results and was highly evaluated by the Oil and gas and New Energy Branch.

In order to complete the task of seismic data processing with high quality, Oriental Geophysical Exploration gave full play to the advantages of integrated technology, selected a vice president of the institute to take charge of it, and selected processing and interpretation personnel to form an integrated project team to provide all-round technical support for this project. The institute coordinates the cooperation and linkage of multiple departments and technical personnel. The geological research center gives full play to its own advantages in integration of processing and interpretation, production and scientific research, and front and rear integration, and technical personnel to continuously promote the efficient operation of the project.

The accuracy of the speed model is the key factor affecting the effectiveness of this technology. In view of the poor imaging quality of the previous data, it has great impact on the layer fault interpretation, and it is difficult to establish a more accurate structural model. The original seismic data is collected early, the data parameters cannot meet the data processing requirements, and constantly revised the interpretation scheme, and the cycle iteration, step by step. After repeated modeling tests, the stable submersible velocity model is finally obtained, and the offset imaging effect is good.

Compared with the previous data, the project pilot area is significantly improved by its insider imaging quality, which can meet the needs of geothermal resources exploration at the present stage, play a guiding role for the newly deployed 3 D seismic project, and lay a solid foundation for the subsequent achievements of the overall 3 D continuous treatment and interpretation of Xiji-Fenghe Camp thermal field.

The successful operation of this geothermal test project has tested the business capability of the geological research center, and has also accumulated valuable experience for the geological research center to expand its new energy business. Since the beginning of this year, the eastern geophysical prospecting institute geological research center according to the eastern geophysical exploration to build new energy business system, rapid development of new energy business scale decision deployment, continue to strengthen technical research, give full play to the advantages of geological research integration, actively tracking new energy business development, pay attention to based on all kinds of new energy research projects at all levels for technology research and development and reserves, for geothermal, gas storage, CCUS and other new energy business to provide high quality technical services.