Yumen Oilfield Has Made Coordinated Efforts to Increase Storage and Stabilize Production

Yumen Oilfield Has Made Coordinated Efforts to Increase Storage and Stabilize Production


Yumen Oilfield Has Made Coordinated Efforts to Increase Storage and Stabilize Production

In the first quarter, Yumen Oilfield produced 183,356 tons of crude oil, up 9.4% year on year; produced natural gas 26.69 million cubic meters, up 658% year on year; completed crude oil processing capacity was 548,100 tons, up 4.9% year on year, and the output task was successfully completed.

In terms of oil and gas production, Yumen old base area is based on resolutely winning the battle of reducing cost and increasing efficiency, increasing storage and stable production, and achieving stable production and efficiency by means of new well production, resuming production, measures to increase production and promotion of new technology. Huanqing New Area accelerated the pace of production capacity construction, putting 41 new Wells into production in the first quarter, contributing 6,448 tons of output. Natural gas exploration in Ningqing block received good news, and 7 new natural gas Wells were put into operation, with a total new output of 139,000 cubic meters. In terms of old Wells, Yumen Oilfield has strengthened the oil production measures such as pipeline flushing and well washing to ensure the normal production of oil and water Wells and the smooth operation of crude oil storage and transportation.

Yumen Refining & Chemical General Plant anchored the annual processing task of 2.2 million tons of crude oil, seized the favorable opportunity of the recovery of the refined oil market, comprehensively deepened the inventory and inventory, and increased production and sales at full capacity. In order to promote the improvement of key technical and economic indicators, the factory optimizes and adjusts the product structure, implements the production scheme of low diesel steam ratio, and realizes the simultaneous increase of the quantity and efficiency of efficient products.

We will focus on the national "double-carbon" target and accelerate the construction of new energy projects. For the first time, Yumen Oilfield has carried out a smart site pilot project in the 300 MW photovoltaic power generation project, realizing the remote supervision of safety, quality, progress and environmental protection. At the same time, the oilfield actively strives to bring the 6 million kw "landscape gas storage integration" project into the second batch of the second batch of "Shagehuang" large-scale wind power photovoltaic base construction; accelerate the construction and grid connection of projects such as renewable energy hydrogen production and photovoltaic power generation.