Huabei Oilfield Completed Planned Oil and Gas Production in the First Quarter ​

Huabei Oilfield Completed Planned Oil and Gas Production in the First Quarter ​


Huabei Oilfield Completed Planned Oil and Gas Production in the First Quarter

Huabei Oilfield has effectively grasped the production rhythm, steadily promoted key projects, ensured the steady operation of oil and gas production, actively developed new energy business, continuously improved various operating indicators, and achieved a "good start" in production in the first quarter. As of April 10, the crude oil, conventional crude gas and CBM in Huabei Oilfield have all exceeded the schedule, the gas storage has successfully completed the task of ensuring natural gas supply in last winter and this spring, and new energy projects such as distributed photovoltaic have been rapidly promoted.

In the first quarter, Huabei Oilfield vigorously promoted the key work of exploration and development, and listed the annual work form. Each unit department adhere to weekly operation, notification, weekly supervision, the first time to convey the superior requirements, the first time to grasp the progress, the company all policy decisions quickly implement, the information fast feedback, dynamic optimization solution, production and operation of each link closely together, effectively ensure that the work smoothly. In the first quarter, the oil and gas production of Huabei Oilfield increased by 8.5% and 27% year on year, among which the CBM production increased by 34% year on year, and the gas storage capacity and the highest emergency peak regulation capacity in one day both reached new highs.

Company closely around the "new north China in the new period" strategic objectives, organize departments formulated ten key projects, formed the key project manual, form a special work team, focus, grasp the key, to get through formalities, investment, the difficulty of engineering technology, pays special attention to the depth design and node control, pressure to promote the annual key projects."Baoding Qingyuan Storage and Production Project" through the integration of exploration and development; the Wells of "Xinghua 1 Block Million ton Capacity Construction Project" are 33 put into operation, and the overall construction progress is 88% complete. Through the implementation of the "ballast stone" project for oilfield development, the daily oil production of the "ballast stone" block increased by 190 tons compared with the ratio before the treatment, and the cumulative oil production was 398,000 tons in the stage, and the recovery rate of the old oil fields was further improved. All oil and gas production units have increased their efforts to promote the "deep energy saving of 100 million yuan project", saving more than 16 million yuan of various expenses in the first quarter.

Huabei Oilfield firmly establishes the idea of "grasping new energy business like oil and gas business", integrates new energy work with exploration and development, adheres to the problem-oriented, goal-oriented and result-oriented, in-depth studies and plans industrial planning, specific strategies and action plans for future development, and further promotes the development of new energy business. The company actively strives for new energy indicators, gives full play to the advantages of land and landscape resources, actively strengthens the communication and docking with the local government and brother enterprises, promotes the construction of integrated new energy base and the integration of geothermal and centralized solar power generation and other projects, and has achieved remarkable results in market development. In the first quarter, Huabei Oilfield acquired new geothermal heating area of 4.78 million square meters and clean power grid connected index of 660,000 kW; the first phase of distributed photovoltaic power generation project realized grid connected power generation, with a total power generation of 200,000 KWH, pushing the new energy business to a new level.