Qinghai Oil Field: "Blue and Gold" Warm and Hot Gan Qingzang

Qinghai Oil Field: "Blue and Gold" Warm and Hot Gan Qingzang


Qinghai Oil Field: "Blue and Gold" Warm and Hot Gan Qingzang

By the end of March, Qinghai Oilfield has successfully completed the task of ensuring natural gas supply in winter. During the guaranteed supply period of more than five months, Qinghai Oilfield has supplied more than 2.784 billion cubic meters of gas to Gansu-Qinghai-Tibet Province.

Qinghai gas area is the main gas source of Gansu-Qinghai-Tibet Province. Qinghai Oilfield has overcome the "congenital deficiency" such as insufficient replacement of gas field reserves and reduced production capacity year by year, controlled the decline, improved production, guaranteed winter supply and stable benefits, and maintained a stable production of more than 6 billion cubic meters for 12 consecutive years.

In the winter supply season, Qinghai Oilfield set up a special team of natural gas supply guarantee, moved the "desk" to the front line, and upgraded the management of measures maintenance, new well production and project construction in the "big integration" mode such as production operation and technical breakthrough. At the end of last year, in the face of the adverse impact of extreme cold and snowstorm on production, Qinghai oil field made efforts to face the cold and achieved the production target on December 17.

Qinghai oilfield actively overcome gas field available reserves, building difficulty increases year by year, adhere to the benefit concept, building gas production capacity "pool", optimize the block deployment, strengthen the process control, built in 2022 production capacity of 390 million cubic meters, capacity compliance rate of 95.1%, continuously for conveying "strength".

Strengthen comprehensive management, and strive to make every cubic meter of natural gas have a warm effect. Qinghai Oilfield has established the gas well "measure bank", continuously carried out the work of reducing liquid level and sand surface, increased the maintenance times of gas Wells, and ensured the stable production of 1148 problem Wells. At the same time, long well stop and damaged Wells were treated, 87 Wells were restored, and the opening rate was increased to more than 90%.

In view of the current situation of the high proportion and large potential, the model experiment of water invasion mechanism in Qinghai Oilfield was carried out, the potential standard of the water invasion area was established, and the "new well + measures" was adopted to implement 119 Wells, with a daily production rate of 486,000 cubic meters and an effective rate of 70%. Promote integrated filling tools, sticky and slippery water fracturing fluid system and artificial well wall sand control, and the measures are effective at over 85%. Since the guaranteed supply season, Qinghai oilfield technology has increased gas by 210 million cubic meters.