The "standardized" Drilling Mode in the Mahu Oil Area Helps to Speed Up and Increase Production

The "standardized" Drilling Mode in the Mahu Oil Area Helps to Speed Up and Increase Production


The "standardized" Drilling Mode in the Mahu Oil Area Helps to Speed Up and Increase Production

Since the implementation of six "standardized" Mahu drilling speed management modes of Xinjiang Oilfield Company, there are many highlights of the speed and efficiency of each block. On April 28, good news came from the south drilling site of the five districts. The drilling foot of the HW5010 well of the pilot test well was 1283 meters, 221% higher than the previous optimal index of 400 meters. As of May 6, the actual drilling period of the well is 47.5 days, and the well is about to be completed, which is expected to be 50% faster than the average construction period of the block in 2022.

Since the large-scale development of Mahu Oil Zone in 2015, many participating units have worked together to tackle the key problem and established the mode of unconventional oil and gas exploration and development and drilling speed and production increase with Mahu characteristics. To comprehensively strengthen lake scale development, Xinjiang oilfield lake exploration and development projects since its establishment in September last year, careful planning, fine layout, put forward in 2023 around drilling acceleration, complex prevention and control, shaft quality and well control safety four core goals, from the innovation management mode and strengthen technical research, promote management effect and technology and effect, strive to achieve drilling cycle 65 days, well body quality percent of pass reached 96%, cementing quality percent of pass reached 94%, complex rate fell to 5.5%, well control safety environmental protection zero accident five goals.

Around the five goals, lake exploration and development project department innovation operation "standardized operation file stable cross, standardized joint technical disclosure, standardized technical template, standardized operation curve tracking, standardized demonstration well lead, standardized evaluation team" six "standardized" lake drilling speed management mode, at the same time joint several unit integration construction, technology optimization integral speed, collaborative build "benchmarking well" project.

With the continuous progress of the "benchmark well" project, the drilling site of Mahu oil area has set off a boom of speed improvement, quality improvement and efficiency improvement. On March 20th, Successful completion of well MaHW2060 in Ma 2 well area, Drilling period of 62 days, Is 53% shorter than the average duration of the block in 2022, Achieve a "good start" of drilling speed increase; On April 9th, Successful completion of well DaHW1546 in well area 13, Drilling cycle of 85 days, Is 39% shorter than in 2022, Create many records of the longest drill ruler, the fastest average speed and the shortest cycle in the inclined section of the block; On April 26th, The MaHW2205 well in ma 2 well area is successfully completed before electrical test, It took 56 days to complete the whole well drilling operation of the 1,800 m horizontal section, Refresh the record of the shortest drilling period in ma 2 well area again, Is 57% shorter than in 2022, Drilling speed up to a new level. Statistics show that the drilling cycle of the seven benchmark Wells that have been drilled has been shortened by more than 31% compared with that of 2022, and the drilling acceleration has achieved remarkable results.

As the main production block of Xinjiang oilfield, Mahu Exploration and Development Project Department has continuously accelerated the production capacity construction and oil and gas production in Mahu oil area through continuous promotion of management and technological innovation. As of May 6,87 Wells have been drilled this year, 42 have been drilled, and completed the footage of 302,200 meters, with a new production capacity of 196,800 tons, realizing the overplanned operation, firmly grasping the annual production initiative, and laying a good foundation for mahu oil area to achieve the target of 5 million tons of benefit production.