China's first!"CNOOC Guanlan number" was connected to the grid and put into operation

China's first!"CNOOC Guanlan number" was connected to the grid and put into operation


On May 20, CNOOC announced that China's first profound offshore wind power platform "CNOOC Guanlan" was successfully incorporated into the power grid of Wenchang Oilfield group, officially opening a new range of green electricity transmission for offshore oil and gas fields. This marks a significant progress in the key technology of far-reaching sea breeze electricity in China, and a substantial key step forward for the offshore oil and gas development to enter the "green electricity era".

CNOOC Guanlan, located in an offshore oil field 136 kilometers away from Wenchang, Hainan province, has an installed capacity of 7.25 megawatts and is composed of wind turbines, floating foundation, mooring system and dynamic cables. The overall height is over 200 meters, and the total draft weight is 11,000 tons. It is fixed in the ocean depth of 120 meters through 9 anchor chain mooring. The green electricity generated by it is connected to the offshore oil field group power grid through a 5 km long dynamic Marine cable. After operation, the annual power generation will reach 22 million KWH, all of which will be used for the electricity production of oilfield groups, saving nearly 10 million cubic meters of natural gas and reducing 22,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year.

According to Tang Xinguo, director of Wenchang 13-2 oilfield of Cnooc Zhanjiang Branch, "CNOOC Guanlan" is China's first floating wind power platform with a working sea area more than 100 kilometers away from the coastline and a water depth of more than 100 meters. In the design and construction of the platform, by studying the combination and distribution of multiple factors, and innovatively applying the integrated design and iterative technology of fan and floating foundation, to ensure the safe and stable operation of "CNOOC Guanlan" under the strongest typhoon of super level 17.

In order to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the oilfield group power grid after wind power grid connection, Wenchang Oilfield Group has created a new integrated power supply mode of "wind power + gas power + smart power grid". Through the cooperation between the oilfield energy management system, fan monitoring system and wind power prediction system, the four fuel power stations of the oilfield group and the wind power platform of "CNOOC Guanlan" are integrated into a whole. Realize the unified control of wind power and oil field power and management, form active control and passive response double guarantee, to ensure the safety and stability of oilfield micro grid, promote the offshore wind for the development of offshore oil and gas power supply technology, for profound offshore wind energy management and given provides the "cnooc model".

According to Qin Lifeng, manager of production department of Cnooc Zhanjiang Branch, Wenchang Oilfield group power grid is an effective attempt of CNOOC to build a new green and low-carbon power system. On the one hand, the high stability demand of offshore oil and gas power is realized through the power network of multiple oil fields; on the other hand, it is a key step for the high utilization of new energy power through the access of large capacity renewable energy generating units.

China is rich in far-reaching sea breeze energy resources. According to the data of the National Climate Center, China's far-reaching sea breeze resources technology can exceed 2 billion kilowatts, with huge potential. The development and application of offshore wind power resources is one of the most effective ways to achieve the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality in China.

Cnooc executive vice President and new energy general manager Yang Yun said, hope through the implementation of "cnooc mission hills", promote our deep sea floating wind power in the core technology, large offshore installation equipment and industrial chain resources integration made substantial breakthrough, achieve high proportion of renewable energy in the stable operation of the micro grid, play.