Zhejiang Oilfield Fine Management to Help Stable Production

Zhejiang Oilfield Fine Management to Help Stable Production


Zhejiang Oilfield Fine Management to Help Stable Production

"We implement fine management measures to ensure the sustained and stable production of old Wells. At present, the daily gas sales of yunshan Dam operation area has exceeded 2.7 million cubic meters."On May 20, Zhejiang oilfield technicians said.

Since the beginning of this year, Zhejiang oilfield with fine production as the core, adhere to the "old well production, new well production, measures to increase", by optimizing the bubble gas extraction system, differentiation between well governance, intelligent gas lift, vigorously promotes the regional countermeasure research, focus on the new platform building construction progress, achieve gas production.

Fine bubble discharge process to increase production and efficiency. Zhejiang Oilfield continues to optimize the bubble system, implement the "one well, one policy for one time" bubble filling, maintaining the bubble efficiency above 90%; actively carry out the fine bubble work, and successfully complete the installation and operation of fine bubble equipment on 5 platforms.

The differentiated inter-well treatment process has a remarkable effect. The southwest gas production plant of Zhejiang Oilfield strengthened the evaluation of the process effect of the integrated measures of geology, engineering and benefit, and adopted the combined process of "bubble discharge + platform pressurization + negative pressure suction + fine gas lifting" for fluid accumulation Wells, blocked Wells and low pressure Wells to achieve differentiated governance.

Precise new well and drainage means to ensure efficiency. For the new Wells with large capacity difference due to low formation energy, Zhejiang Oilfield optimized the gas lift process conditions of the platform, and timely replaced the compressor gas lift by continuous gas lift auxiliary liquid drainage, so as to reduce the production cost.