Western Drilling Targeted to Solve the High-Quality Development Problems

Western Drilling Targeted to Solve the High-Quality Development Problems


Western Drilling Targeted to Solve the High-Quality Development Problems

On May 24, party members and cadres of the eastern front headquarters of Junggar went into the Jimusar shale oil area and carried out investigation and research on improving the quality and efficiency of production and operation one by one. This is the implementation of the western drilling to improve the quality and efficiency of the "afforestation plan", the first service to solve the grass-roots problems, change the style of high-quality development epitome.

The Party committee of western Drilling Company highlights the proposition of high-quality development, adheres to the problem orientation, finds the entry point, focal point and foothold to solve the problem through investigation and research, makes good use of the theoretical "compass" and "touchstone" of practical work, and fully releases the great power and practical effect of the theme education theory.

Go straight to the problem and find practical solutions. The Party committee of the company has established a three-step working method of "accurately search problems, timely feedback problems and fine rectification problems", detailed and defined 12 research topics, established two sets of supervision mechanisms, set up 32 investigation problems, and formed a whole-chain working mechanism of "supervision, feedback, rectification and tracking". The team members went to the grass-roots line, with second-level units, front-line party cadres, project department, grass-roots staff, carried out various forms of research 11 times, discussion and exchange more than 350 times, after collecting problems, formulated 46 rectification measures. We have carried out the on-site life service survey in Mahu area, adopted offline site survey and online QR code questionnaire survey, completed the site survey of 33 drilling teams and 8 life service contractors, found 8 problems, collected and sorted out 18 staff opinions and suggestions, and answered 15 feedback questions so far.

Front service is down to the ground gas. Company party committee to deepen the improvement organ style, in the "hear sound, see smoke" of a line, establish lake front headquarters and eastern junggar front command, optimize organ service and grassroots production operation mode, build sinking grassroots, close to the staff, the service service authority, let employees run less, reduce transit link, do general question reply on the spot, complex problems completed.

For lake area five block complex accident rate high, completion period long technical problems, the company party committee actively promote "JieBang 1" way, making a working group leader, signed "one hundred crucial and mark" liability form, play to party members and cadres "wild goose effect", accumulated 60 single well construction plan, the average mechanical g increased by 42%, accident complex rate by 30.33%.

Focus on people's livelihood to do practical things. The Party committee of the company strives to build the "Happy West Drilling" project, to ensure and improve people's livelihood with engineering thinking, respond to the expectations of employees, and highlight the feelings for the people. We organized the investigation of front-line drinking water at the grass-roots level, coordinated with relevant institutions to carry out water quality testing according to national standards on the same day, and organized the grass-roots units to replace water sources and install water purifiers on the next day. The water use problem of 15 working teams in Jimusar region was solved within a week.

At the same time, the implementation of 33 measures to improve the health management, changed the dry toilet in Qinghai Huatugou base into water flushing toilet, formulated and implemented the distribution standards of the standards of three meals in front-line canteens in various regions, standardized management of third-party employment, unblocked the channels of emergency medical treatment and expert diagnosis and treatment, to meet the immediate interests and demands of employees.