Optimization Deployment of Qinghai Oilfield to Accelerate Oil and Gas "Realization"

Optimization Deployment of Qinghai Oilfield to Accelerate Oil and Gas "Realization"


Optimization Deployment of Qinghai Oilfield to Accelerate Oil and Gas "Realization"

The fracturing of "three high" oil and gas reservoirs has achieved results, the daily production of low-permeability and difficult oil production reservoirs has exceeded the 1000 tons mark, and the characteristic plugging technology helps the gas field increase production and increase efficiency... As of May 29, the daily production point of natural gas in Qinghai oilfield has been in operation, and the daily crude oil output has shown a steady increase.

In the second quarter, Qinghai Oilfield has seized the golden season of oil and gas production, continued to promote the maintenance and management of oil and gas Wells, oil and gas production capacity construction, technological innovation and other work, and comprehensively accelerated and improved the efficiency.

Capacity construction and capacity increase. The crude oil capacity deployment adheres to the principle of "fat first, then thin, benefit queuing", and plans the production plan from the aspects of injection and production improvement, encryption segmentation, well network reorganization, rolling expansion and new district construction; and the old gas base area targets the production target of flood area and non-main layer, promotes the integration of exploration and development in the new area, accelerates the reserve utilization and optimizes the production capacity deployment.

Nanyishan Oilfield of Qinghai Oilfield is a typical low-permeability difficult oil recovery reservoir with "long well section, multiple oil layers and low saturation", with poor innate resource endowment and great difficulty in benefit development. Qinghai Oilfield has deepened the understanding of reservoir geology, conducted detailed scheme demonstration, adhered to the integrated operation of drilling and construction, and realized the early start of production capacity construction and the early effect of new well production. At present, 20 new Wells have been put into operation in class I + reservoirs in wing 3 well area, with the average daily oil output per well exceeding the plan by 0.3 tons.

Management promotion and tap potential. Combined with the current production situation, Qinghai Oilfield adjusted the crude oil production structure in the old and new areas to build a scientific and reasonable development order. Highlight the old well maintenance, fine water injection and benefit measures, and through the work of management control, measures control and water flooding control, the arrow of old well output is realized upward and the decreasing index stage is improved. In natural gas production, such as old well production, natural decline, comprehensive decline, process measures and equipment operation, the natural decline rate and comprehensive decline rate of gas fields are controlled within the plan.

Technical research and efficiency improvement. The Qaidam Basin has a strong tectonic movement, complex geological conditions, very distinctive geological characteristics and resource types, and a harsh natural environment, so the Qaidam Basin is known as the "forbidden area" for exploration and development. Qinghai oil field accelerates the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements, and strives to "realize" more oil and gas resources in the "forbidden zone".

Combined with the "spleen" of Gaas, Nanyi Mountain, Yousha Mountain and other old area reservoirs, Qinghai Oilfield has carried out fracturing technology innovation. In terms of reservoir transformation, after nearly two years of exploration, a set of QHYTYL-1 variable sticky and slippery water slip system with low cost, high efficiency and low damage characteristics has been formed. Compared with the conventional guanidine system, the application of QHYTYL-1 sticky slippery water system, the cost per cubic meter of liquid is reduced by more than 60%, and the construction efficiency is 2 to 3 times higher than before. In view of the deterioration of conventional thermal washing wax effect and incomplete well washing, more than 40 researchers in Qinghai Oilfield solved the problem at the production site and independently developed ZC-2 surfactant. Up to now, 2210 Wells have been applied on site this year, and the average return cycle has been shortened by 0.6 days.

In order to do a good job in the data admission, interpretation and evaluation of evaluation Wells, production capacity Wells and measure Wells, Qinghai Oilfield carried out the research of pressure control and closed logging technology, and successfully completed the construction of the first high pressure engineering well casing loss test, breaking the highest record of oilfield casing loss test.