Qinghai Oil Field is to Promote the Construction of Tibet Energy Highland

Qinghai Oil Field is to Promote the Construction of Tibet Energy Highland


Qinghai Oil Field is to Promote the Construction of Tibet Energy Highland

As of May 29, the energy management and control system of no. 5 Oil Production Plant of Qinghai Oilfield has realized online monitoring and automatic metering of most of the key equipment of oil and water Wells and gathering and transportation system, making green and low-carbon production more "intelligent". Qinghai Oilfield has made initial achievements in learning and implementing Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and guiding the transformation and development.

Since the launch of theme education, Qinghai Oilfield has effectively combined "emphasizing practice" with the development of main responsibility and main business, and made great efforts to achieve tangible results in casting the soul, increasing wisdom, learning and promoting work by learning, so as to promote the construction of Qinghai-Tibet energy highland.

Most of the oil reservoirs in Yingxi and Chinese areas of Qinghai Oilfield are fractured reservoirs and buried deep. For the block well high salt content, easy to cause near well zone, shaft and nozzle blockage, in mid-may, Qinghai oilfield skills experts and group company skills experts, further production site to solve the high pressure, high salt well salt plugging production abnormal and supporting process equipment maintenance, pumping machine well wax hot wash low efficiency of production problems.

Focusing on the two main lines of "controlling decline rate and improving oil recovery rate", Qinghai Oilfield has implemented the million-ton "ballast stone" project in Garoil area, strengthened the improvement of well network, fine water injection and fine gas reservoir management, and the oil and gas output has achieved steady growth. The first oil production plant, a large crude oil producer, has made great efforts to increase production, speed up units, maintain old Wells, and make fine water injection, and the daily crude oil output has reached 2,500 tons. The first gas production plant has upgraded the low-cost plugging process, forming a new system of low-cost plugging process for loose sandstone gas reservoir. By the end of May, the total production of natural gas has increased by more than 30 million cubic meters this year.