Coalbed Methane Company "Three Forces" to Promote Quality and Efficiency

Coalbed Methane Company "Three Forces" to Promote Quality and Efficiency


Coalbed Methane Company "Three Forces" to Promote Quality and Efficiency

"Since May, we have refined the implementation plan of 11 evaluation, completed the management of 39 Wells, evaluated 25 teams, daily gas production of 20,000 cubic meters..." On May 29, Zhao Baoshan, manager of Xinzhou gas production management area, said, " Through the theme education, the company has effectively promoted the production and operation to improve quality and efficiency.”

CBM company gives full play to the role of theme education thought guidance and practice boost, highlights the combination of learning and understanding, the integration of knowledge and action, further change the concept, seek practical policies, do practical work, and accelerate the company towards high-quality development.

Learn, think and practice, and improve the theme of education "guiding power". CBM companies pay attention to play the leading cadre leading role, in learning style, learning content, learning effect, pay attention to "six", namely team members "learn", two group "deep study", strengthen personal "self-study", the implementation of weekly meeting "collar", strict check "the superintendent", training "auxiliary". Through in-depth "thought", continue to explore the development direction and path of high quality of company, formed to strengthen the party's construction "armed six force four outstanding", safety and environmental protection "a turn steady tightening"  "four extension", innovation drive "five main", exploration and development "five" and a series of new ideas, new understanding, activate the full clerkstarts vigor.

In-depth research to improve the "targeting power" of theme education. CBM company adhere to the investigation and research as an important way to improve the ability to analyze problems and promote the production and operation to improve the quality and efficiency, focusing on the "deep, solid, fine, accurate, effective" five words, carefully understand the base number, to ensure that the know, and effectively find the right way. In view of the identified problems to further refine, practical, specific, one by one clear leading departments, responsible units, rectification measures and time limit requirements, change one, sell one, at the same time set up an inspection and supervision group, went to the grass-roots level to timely find and correct the rectification is not implemented, not in place, not in-depth and other problems. Focusing on "efficient construction and production", firmly establish the "first well project" guidance, establish and improve the standardized template, "drilling, pressure, repair, maintenance, pipe" 5 types of teams realistic, evaluation, inspection, scoring ranking, to promote the quality of management.

Practice and improve the "cohesion" of theme education. The CBM company will carry out theme education and "advance new journey, show new actions" labor competition and youth commando activities deep integration, strengthen the post practice and build new achievements. In the process of breaking through the world-class "forbidden zone" of deep CBM, A large number of scientific and technological workers, represented by Li Shuguang, the chief technical expert and chief technical expert of the company, Carry forward the "three super spirit", Technological breakthroughs have been made; Liu Rijiang, the "meritorious employee" of CBM, led the exploration and development of the "production and construction iron army", It shows the core responsibility of "rising to difficulties and winning"; Young model worker Zhu Weiping force "well site is the office, well side is the laboratory"; Linfen gas production management area set up "three reach" management and "5133" project special class, Complete the fracturing task of hundreds of old Wells day and night, Daily output is more than 2.5 times that before the battle... The company "level with a level dry, level to see"  "in front of me first, with me, I keep up" atmosphere is more.