CNPC Logging Self-Research Equipment for Green Development "Exploration" Geothermal

CNPC Logging Self-Research Equipment for Green Development "Exploration" Geothermal


CNPC Logging Self-Research Equipment for Green Development "Exploration" Geothermal

On May 31, CNPC used self-developed CPLog equipment and domestic intelligent winch to complete the first geothermal well logging task in the western part of the Yellow River Delta ecological zone, helping the development of green energy industry in the region.

Since the beginning of this year, the oil logging to explore clean energy construction, power ecological environment protection as own duty, active service green development in the market, strengthen the environmental protection standards, positive innovation in management, in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Shandong peninsula and other regions to complete all kinds of geothermal logging 10 times, for the block of clean energy construction and development to provide services.

In the construction, engineering technology and explanation evaluation personnel closely, according to the characteristics of geothermal well layer, detailed selection engineering parameters, fine analysis curve quality, reasonable implementation of purpose layer verification inspection, do drop standard, speed and quality, in only six hours to complete the well completion logging, for the regional geothermal energy development provides oil logging technology wisdom.

Jia Haibo, the technical director who has implemented geothermal logging in many regions of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, said, " We will give full play to the geological advantages of the logging industry, efficiently detect the dry hot rock strata in the strata, and help local enterprises to use geothermal water for building heating, develop greenhouse agriculture and hot spring tourism, so as to enrich people's life in a low-carbon and efficient way.”