Qinghai Oilfield: "Real" Word Landing Production Full Line Force

Qinghai Oilfield: "Real" Word Landing Production Full Line Force


Qinghai Oilfield: "Real" Word Landing Production Full Line Force

Qinghai Oilfield effectively combines the theme education with the theme labor competition of "fighting for six months and building a new journey" to enhance the combat effectiveness of overcoming difficulties. By the end of May, Qinghai Oilfield had completed 41.16% and 42.78% of the annual crude oil and natural gas production tasks, respectively.

In order to promote the study and implementation of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era to go deeper and deeper, Qinghai Oilfield has educated and guided party members and cadres to absorb the spiritual strength of forging ahead in the theme education through holding special working meetings, holding reading classes and carrying out investigations and studies. At the same time, Qinghai Oilfield closely combines the theme education with the completion of the annual production targets and tasks, and strives to transform the results of the theme education into the vivid practice of high-quality development of Qinghai Oilfield.

The first oil production plant adheres to the problem orientation, conducts in-depth investigation and research on the production line, and makes full efforts to improve the production rate of old Wells, organizes the well washing test of surface active agent, and implements measures such as parameter adjustment, balance regulation and deepening pump hanging in the mechanical production system to improve the production efficiency. Through precise measures, the daily output of the old Wells in the first oil production plant has reached 2110 tons, and the daily crude oil is a new high.

The fourth oil production plant takes the production site as the main position to practice the theme education, and makes efforts in the "value-added" of benefits. The south yishan oil production area of the fourth oil production plant actively promotes the intelligent pumping system of machine mining Wells. At present, the average daily power saving of a single well reaches 2000 KWH. Since the 600 kw generator was put into operation, the diesel consumption has decreased significantly. In the first five months of this year, the diesel consumption has decreased by 14 tons compared with the same period last year.

All the party members of the first gas production plant "promote dry by learning", focus on long well control and the recovery of problem Wells, and strengthen the maintenance of measures. Up to now, 293 old well measures have been implemented, 37,600 Wells have been maintained, the total gas increase of 278 million cubic meters, and the efficiency of the measures has reached 82.4%.

The Institute of Exploration and Development gave full play to the role of a think tank, and more than 50 researchers went to the front line to provide a "feast" for production and efficiency. The researchers carried out research on the characterization of residual gas in loose sandstone water intrusion, the recovery technology of complex fault blocks, the prediction of superior reservoir of bedrock gas reservoir, and promoted the preparation of more than 20 schemes such as the pilot test scheme of nitrogen gas injection in Sebei gas field. Up to now, the production rate of new Wells in Qinghai oilfield has reached 92.6%, and the measured production rate has reached 90%.