The CBM Company Focuses on Practice to Promote Practical Work and Build New Work

The CBM Company Focuses on Practice to Promote Practical Work and Build New Work


The CBM Company Focuses on Practice to Promote Practical Work and Build New Work

"This week, four deep CBM horizontal Wells were drilled ahead of schedule, and 21 sections of fracturing were successfully completed. At present, the annual production of new Wells has reached 124 million cubic meters, up sharply from the same period last year."On June 5, coalbed methane company weekly production regular meeting, exploration, development and construction branch party secretary Liu Rijiang report said. This is the concrete embodiment of the study and implementation of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era theme education, in which CBM companies gather strength to emphasize practice, promote practical work and build new achievements.

Focus on increasing storage and production, play a good increasing storage and production offensive battle. The company has made every effort to promote the efficient construction and production of deep coalbed methane, orderly promoted the expansion of medium and shallow coalbed methane, and steadily promoted the steady production of tight gas replacement. China completed the first straight well with a daily output of 10,000 cubic meters, creating the highest daily production record of single straight well of middle and shallow 8 coal seam in Daji Block. Aiming at the remaining resources in the old area, deepen the geological understanding and carry out the secondary development. The company's daily gas production continues to create a record high, has exceeded 9.2 million cubic meters.

Focus on quality, safety and environmental protection, to achieve the essential improvement of QHSE system. The company summarized and formed "26 not allowed", "19 strict" and "19 strict" regulations, strengthen compliance risk control, improve project quality, and ensure high-quality production and construction. Put forward the requirements of "the first well project", build an integrated contractor team of Party A and Party B, and strengthen the training of contractors.

Focus on work style construction and improve the new efficiency of development. The company moved the "desk" to the grass-roots level, changed the "commander" to "responsibility" and "service", from the "floating above" statistics to "sink to the below" collecting data, put an end to only said "no" work style, and effectively put forward the "how to do" solution. A joint research group was formed to carry out joint research in the front line of production and construction, sort out and investigate the compliance management work in the field of engineering construction, and help grass-roots units to find and solve problems in the first time.

Focus on the masses "urgent and anxious", enhance the "three senses" of employees. Carry out the survey of "I do practical things for the employees" in the front line, collect written opinions of employees, conduct "one-to-one" interviews with the front-line employees, timely understand the pain points, difficulties and hot spots in production and operation, team building and QHSE work, summarize and form a list of problems, and make every effort to coordinate and solve them.